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Jo-Anne Green jo at turbulence.org
Wed Jun 23 17:18:50 CEST 2004

June 11, 2004
Turbulence Spotlight: "digitalrecycling" by bnk

"digitalrecycling" aims to build a community of people who use discarded
information as their medium. Users may log on to the "digitalrecycling
operating system" and either upload or download their own or other
peoples' digital trash. "The point is not to deny privacy, but to rethink
property" says bnô. What one person thinks is useless another person may
find useful. So, before emptying your trash bin consider sharing its

"digitalrecycling" also contains a series of Quicktime movies including
rehearsals and jam sessions that utilize bnk's "Recycling Entertainment
System;" an orchestra of 6 players (musicians) performing with Nintendo
(Nes) controllers. bnk has also recycled the system's hardware by
programming a chip to convert the controller's signal into midi.


There's a self-portrait of bnk under "bio" on his spotlight page.

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