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KARL MOHR NEWS - June 14th, 2004



My latest song "Atomic Power" suggests the phasing out of nuclear 
power plants and the use of clean energy:  solar and wind power. 
Towards the aim of having hundreds of voices singing this one message 
in unison on my song, I am offering a contest.  For the 
uncompetitive, think of it as a massive, sung petition.

Please forward to individuals who may not be on this mailing list.
Please post to green- and music-related mailing lists.

This contest description is also available at:


In Canada, clean power (solar, wind, biomass, geo) make up a mere 
1.4% of the total generated electricity.  A wealth of information has 
been written on clean power and its benefits: 

Supporters of nuclear power should definitely visit:
http://www.kiddofspeed.com/chapter1.html  (hoax or no hoax, it's a 
good documentary)

Private solar and wind generation on your own property is the best 
means to eco-friendly, independent and inexpensive electricity. 
Electricity is all around us - don't pay someone to ship it to you - 
get off the grid!  Exercise your right to a self-sustaining home.

"I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy.  What a source of 
power!  I hope we don't have to wait 'til oil and coal run out before 
we tackle that."
Thomas Edison, 1847-1931


Thanks to the wide availability of music software and recording 
gadgets, a contest like this is possible:  download the reference 
audio files, record your own vocal tracks for the final chorus of the 
song, mail or email your recording to our studio, it will be mixed 
with all the other entrants to form a global choir that collectively 
builds an anthem.  Your name (or the name of your group) will be 
added to the list of credits.

My band and I will objectively judge and award the best vocal entry 
based on performance, flair, and creativity -- for both the lead 
vocal and the backup vocal.  Men, women, children, young, old - all 
are invited to enter.

Group singing, ensembles, children and also remote recordings (from 
rallies, parties) are all especially welcome.  All received 
recordings will end up in the final mix.

Contest closes:  August 6th (with respect for Hiroshima, 1945).


The prizes for the best lead vocal and for the best backup vocal:

A bundle of KARL MOHR releases including:
- Blue Visions CD (unreleased chill house album)
- Vampires in Clubland CD
- Blue Visions 12" (signed, white-label test pressing)
- Minefield remix 12" (signed, white-label test pressing)
- (2) randomly-chosen cassettes from the collection (delivered on CD)

Prizes will be announced on September 5th at 3:45pm via the mailing 
list.  (At that time in 1945, ZEEP successfully achieved the first 
atomic fission in Canada.  The announcement of the prizes on this 
date reminds of the beginning of the environmental hazards we now 
associate with nuclear power and plant decommissioning in Canada.)


All entrants will have their sung tracks added to the final mix and 
their name placed in the credits.  The final mix will be posted at 
karlmohr.com as a permanent MP3 file you can point your friends to. 
The song will also be released on the upcoming KARL MOHR album.


1.  Download the original song and the sheet music:

*** the song is in Eb major, 69 BPM

*** the original song, in MP3 format is here:

*** the .wav file of the final chorus (including my own crazy vocal 
tracks) is here: [30 MB !!!]

*** the .wav file of the final chorus (instrumental only) is here: [30 MB !!!]

*** the .pdf sheet music of the final chorus is here:

*** the full song lyrics are here:

2.  Sing your guts out (use the .wav files & sheet music as a guide), 
record your own vocal tracks - if you don't have access to recording 
equipment, and you really want to sing, and you are in the Toronto 
area, we can record you at our studio.  (Availability is subject to 
studio scheduling.)
Studio:  http://www.lushtones.ca

3.a)  Send your MiniDisc, DAT, Cassette, Data CD (44.1kHz) or Audio 
CD with your tracks -- and indicate how you (or your group) would 
like to appear in the credits -- to:

Karl Mohr "Add Your Voice" Contest
P.O. Box 198, Station B
Toronto, ON / M5T 2W1 / Canada

3.b)  Email your own audio tracks back to us as MP3 files (128 kbps 
or higher).  The MP3 files will be decoded in our studio for the 
production.  Please check first with file sizes before emailing! 
Contact:  contest at karlmohr.com


All received entries and their associated copyright become the sole 
property of Karl Mohr, including the right to broadcast, duplicate, 
exploit and use in promotional materials.  Entries postmarked later 
than the closing date will not be considered.  Entries will not be 
returned.  The judges and their families are excluded from entering 
the contest.  Names of individuals and groups will be listed only in 
album backup material and credits - not added to any petitions or 
political documents.  The option to have your name(s) withheld from 
the album credits will be strictly honoured.


Any other questions about this contest can be directed to: contest at karlmohr.com

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