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Exit Strategy

Call to artists to propose works that define their vision of crime/war/terror.
Deadline 1st of August 2004

Artists are invited to submit works for ‘Exit Strategy’, a 
multidisciplinary project that will examine artists’ current notions of 
War/Crime/Terror. The exhibition is planned to open in the Netherlands in 
Winter 2004 and will tour internationally during 2005.

We witnessed the destruction of Afghanistan and the toppling and shattering 
of Iraq while proud journalists reported so called liberating events in 
front of our eyes. We are told the war ended a long time ago by the Bush 
administration. But who do we believe as day after day disturbing images of 
abused Iraqi people are shown in the media?  Soldiers are still there with 
no exit strategy, more troops are being committed and the death toll of 
innocent civilians increases.

Do we know what is happening in the name of western democracy? Are 
demonstrations effective? What is the ‘coalition force’? Who is behind it? 
What are ‘human rights’?
When is torture justified? When is liberation occupation? When is 
patriotism xenophobic? Is a war on terrorism winnable? Who are the rulers, 
decision makers – who runs the world?  Are we safer today than yesterday?

Proposals may be for work in any medium. Please submit a proposal (maximum 
500 words) describing your project ideas; a sketch of proposed project; CV; 
documentation of your previous work (slides or images on CD, video on DVD 
or VHS PAL). Please include a self addressed stamped envelope for the 
return of your work. We are not responsible for returning works submitted 
without a stamped SAE.

Send entries to:

6a Ospringe Road
London NW5 2JE
United Kingdom

Questions or further information by email: predrag at dircon.co.uk

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