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9 – 21 november: Dutch Electronic Art Festival
DEAF04 - Affective Turbulence: The Art of Open Systems
Date: Tuesday 9 November – Sunday 21 November 2004
Central festival location: Las Palmas, Wilhelminakade 66-68, Rotterdam
Festival website: http://deaf.v2.nl

This year, V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media, will present the seventh
edition of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival. DEAF04 will take place from
9 until 21 November 2004 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The theme of this
year’s edition is Affective Turbulence: The Art of Open Systems.

Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF) is a biannual international festival
for electronic art, presented by V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media, in
Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The festival is a presentation platform for
new media art – some of it commissioned by DEAF – and as a forum for
critical debate and art education.

DEAF04 features an exhibition of interactive installations and internet
projects, live (music) performances, seminars and workshops, talks and
presentations, an academic symposium, educational programs, a publication,
and a website with practical information and documentation.

Under the title Affective Turbulence: The Art of Open Systems, the theme
of DEAF04 focuses on the instability of open systems and the instinctivity
and irrationality that are necessary to act within these systems. Some of
the subthemes are open society (the influence of globalization on
political and economic structures); open mind (the question of free flow
of knowledge, e.g. the issue of copyrights and Creative Commons license);
open networks (the organization and participation of open networks); open
sky (how do we make use of ‘floating’ radio frequencies and
electro-magnetic fields); open desire (how does our imagination work and
how do we build feelings into computer programs).

For more information, visit the DEAF04 website http://deaf.v2.nl

V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media / DEAF04
Eendrachtsstraat 10, NL-3012 XL Rotterdam
The Netherlands
phone (010) 206 72 72 / fax (010) 206 72 71

e-mail: deaf at v2.nl / url: http://deaf.v2.nl

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