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The online library focuses on the role of art in urban projects. 
Recent creations and works in progress are organized by category and 
illustrated with examples from around the world, with an emphasis on 
the principal cities of Europe.The artwork is presented and analyzed 
within its context (public areas, urban architecture, landscape) and 
organized by location or by type of project or program, in order to 
highlight the nature of the commission. Reports that focus on a theme 
are conceived of as a sampling of the most representative works.
This selective documentation includes 500 significant works of public 
art and 1000 color photo illustrations.

Our online library is continually expanding with the addition of new 
reports, and information provided in already existing reports is 
constantly updated and enriched.  The library is alive and constantly 
evolving. Updates can take many forms.  For example, in the case of a 
report on a project in progress, it is possible to add new works of 
art as they are completed, and to replace photos of preliminary 
models with photos of the corresponding definitive works. Links and 
various practical information (addresses, emails, URL) are regularly 
checked and updated within the reports, to insure that an accurate, 
reliable source of useful information is provided.

The service is accessible through annual membership at the rate of 
180 Euros, tax included. Members receive unlimited online access, 
valid for the entire subscription period.

To find out more about the online library, please visit our website:
http://www.art-public.com (membership form or online library).
For additional information, please contact us:
By e-mail:  info at art-public.com
By post:  Art-Public  44 avenue Du Mensil  94210  La Varenne Saint 
Hilaire (France)
By telephone:  + 33 (0)1 48 86 04 73 / (mobile) + 33 (0)6 62 23 13 61

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