[artinfo] Call for Papers/ Acoustic Space Journal: Trans-Culture Mapping Issue

Marc Tuters nodus at sympatico.ca
Wed Jul 7 18:36:13 CEST 2004

===============CALL FOR PAPERS===============

Acoustic Space, special issue of on "Trans-Culture Mapping"



The RIXC Centre for New Media Culture seeks manuscripts for its upcoming 
Acoustic Space journal, to be published for the 7th international 
Art+Communication festival in Riga Latvia, September 30th- October 3rd. Now 
in its 5th edition, Acoustic Space is a forum for net-radio and new media 
artists broadly interested in the idea of making visible the invisible. 
This year's journal, Trans-Culture Mapping, will focus, in the context of 
European expansion, on ideas of locality, cartography and the politics of 


The ability to visualize a space relates to its domination where borders 
are maintained by a legions of state cartographers, enforcing hierarchical 
regimes of power from the level of the biological to the geopolitical.

Against the US-led 'coalition of the willing' of which Latvia counts itself 
a part --informed, as it is, by the US Strategic Command's objective of 
"Full Spectrum Dominance" (that seeks the unilateral total domination of 
land, sea, air, cyberspace and outer space)- this publication is interested 
in projects that re-appropriate mapping as a means cultural expression.

The publication seeks to offer a space of exchange for grassroots activists 
and new media practitioners who are critically exploring ideas of locality, 
in response to the continental European (and global) process of 



Locative Media
Governments and corporations worldwide are constructing a geo-rectified 
real-time digital-double of earth-systems, which, with the advent of the 
mobile Internet and the ever increasing ubiquity of location-sensing 
technologies, allow for urban space to become conceived of as a site for 
digital media and, potentially, emergent social organization. Yet, beneath 
the manifold promise of collaborative cartography, is the harsh reality of 
'total information awareness'. Can locative media escape its own axiomatic 

Spectrum Ecology
Advances in wireless internet technology are changing not only how people 
connect to the internet but also how they approach the wireless spectrum 
itself. This section seeks to map how ideas of use and ownership are being 
analyzed and reconsidered in this environment.

Tactical Cartography
Social softwares have become a means of mobilizing people without having to 
go to the "Media" to convey a message. Problems, however, persist in making 
the leap into more mainstream circuits of power. How can maps be used both 
to help legitimize certain "fringe" Internet-debates and throw light on the 
nature of multinational capitalism?

In the context of a "War on Terror", global borders are being mapped 
_within_, in a battle for "hearts and minds". While we may celebrate 
aspects of European integration, smaller States must also be cautious of 
the wholesale adoption of various monoculturing techniques that threaten 
their local diversities.  How does "the local" assert itself while at the 
same time avoiding becoming reactionary and fundamentalist.


We encourage you to submit documents of various lengths and forms, so long 
as they related to one of the sub-themes, and display an internal consistence.

All inquiries regarding submissions should be made to Marc Tuters 
<mt at x-i.net> and Rasa Smita <rasa at relab.net>

While we ask for documents in English, we actively encourages submissions 
from non-Anglophones, especially Eastern Europeans.

Please submit documents as RTF's and any images separately in a high 
resolution format.

Deadline for final submissions: August 1st

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