[artinfo] [UNXposed] Konst och television

UNXposed Moderator saiz at unxposed.com
Fri Jan 16 21:19:05 CET 2004

We're a group of artists in Sweden assigned by Swedish public service
channel SVT (TV1 and TV2) to come up with an idea for a programme made by
artists and being art rather than a programme about art. There will be about
6-8 episodes running for about 30 minutes and, if accepted, commissioned by
SVT. We're thinking of instant television with mobile crews and intervening
in public and private spaces, communicating with the audience, sort of "TV
on duty" and playing with rules as well as films and documentaries by

We would like to come in contact with artists interested in doing things for
television wether it be a gameshow, a sports event a documentary.

We are also looking for an artist from Israel that made a broadcast from a
soccer-game with two balls. Anyone know who that was?

Leif Skoog
Konst och television
kotv at instanttv.se

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