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Call For Papers

Hosted by the departments of
Philosophy and Art History

In cooperation with the
Lewis Glucksman Art Gallery

University College Cork, Ireland

July 9-11, 2004

You are invited to join keynote speakers

Arthur C. Danto
(Columbia University New York)
Thierry De Duve
(UniversitÈ de Lille 3)
James Elkins
(University College Cork/Art Institute of Chicago)
Diarmuid Costello
(Oxford Brookes University)
David Raskin
(Art Institute of Chicago)
Dominic Willsdon
(Tate Modern/Royal College of Art)

After a time in which artistic practice, art criticism, and theory of art
to focus on (political, social, artistic etc.) interpretations of art,
aesthetics has, once again, become a ëhot topicí for debate. Questions arise
about how the prioritisation of aesthetics can be understood: as a
of the philosophical legacy of aesthetics in Artistic Practice, Art History,
and Philosophy itself; as the very denial of this heritage in favour of a
return to a connoisseurship of art.

This tension is to be examined from several different perspectives, as

Arthur Dantoís plenary lecture (Re)Discovering Aesthetics will address the
central theme of the conference.

Thierry De Duve, James Elkins, Diarmuid Costello, David Raskin, and Dominic
Willsdon will give plenary talks on the following topics:

1.      Art History and the Aesthetic Tradition
2.      Philosophical Approaches to Art
3.      Art, Science, and Aesthetics
4.      Art Practice, Art History, and Art Museums

Each plenary talk will be followed by panel sessions on the respective
The Conference will conclude with a Roundtable Discussion.

Papers of approximately 30 minutes reading time are invited.

Please send abstracts of 300 words suitable for anonymous review to

rediscovery at ucc.ie

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is March 12, 2004
(Notification of acceptance by March 26, 2004).

Conference Papers will be considered for possible inclusion in a published

Advanced graduate students are encouraged to submit papers.  The three best
student papers will receive bursaries to cover the cost of registration and
conference dinner.

For further information visit


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