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Latest Information about Mobile Academy: Berlin 2004

Arial><?x-tad-bigger>Enclosed you find a short preview on the programme of 
Mobile Academy. The complete offer with all course descriptions, lectures 
and events you can find at our homepage: <?/x-tad-bigger><?color><?param 

Academy: Berlin 2004
FAKELORE - Constructions and Inventions of Urban Folklore
<?/x-tad-bigger><?x-tad-bigger>August 30th - September 19th

In teaching sessions, practical tasks, field research, activities, and 
presentations,<?x-tad-bigger><?/x-tad-bigger> Mobile Academy 
<?/x-tad-bigger><?x-tad-bigger>will investigate some of the critically 
lacerated slogans that we associate with 
identity, authenticity, collective authorship, national values, handicrafts 
etc., and travestize them in an (artistic) operable process. The result 
will be dramatic scenes, musical performances, advertisements, staged tours 
of the city, video clips, radio plays, and interventions in the urban space.

<?x-tad-bigger><?/x-tad-bigger>Six Courses:

<?/x-tad-bigger><?x-tad-bigger>Acting/ Singing/ Directing
<?x-tad-bigger><?/x-tad-bigger>LOVESONGS AND SCENES.
<?/x-tad-bigger><?x-tad-bigger>Chen Shi-Zheng, China/ USA: How to sing a 
Jossi Wieler, Switzerland: True Love, Honest Betrayal, False Death

Dance/ Hip Hop/ Artistry
<?x-tad-bigger><?/x-tad-bigger>FOLKORE. THE MASS MEDIA. 
Bruno Beltrão, Brasil: Urban Breaks and Dances
Constanza Macras, Argentina/Germany: The New Video Clip - not cool, no 
insider irony, without stress of being hip.

Camera/ Cut/ Script/ Directing
<?x-tad-bigger><?/x-tad-bigger>NATIONAL FEELING, IDENTITY AND HOME AS 
<?/x-tad-bigger><?x-tad-bigger>Com&Com, Switzerland: United Colours of 
Germany. An Advert for Germany.
Harun Farocki, Germany and Hartmut Bitomsky, USA: The Folklore of Poverty. 
A two-day Film Analysis in the Cutting Room

Lightning Design/ Light Engineering/ Concept Art
<?x-tad-bigger><?/x-tad-bigger>PUBLIC ILLUMINATION
<?/x-tad-bigger><?x-tad-bigger>Mischa Kuball, Germany: Searchlight - an 
Installation for the Uncompleted Kulturforum in Berlin.

Performance/ Directing/ Urban Studies
<?x-tad-bigger><?/x-tad-bigger>THE CITY AS STAGE. TOURISM. SYMBOLS & MONUMENTS.
<?/x-tad-bigger><?x-tad-bigger>Stefan Kaegi, Switzerland: Short Cut. The 
Berlin Files.
SubREAL, Romania: Interviewing the City

Puppetry/ Acting
<?x-tad-bigger><?/x-tad-bigger>ANIMATION. CRAFT. CRUELTY.
<?/x-tad-bigger><?x-tad-bigger>Neville Tranter, Australia/ The Netherlands: 
The Schicklgrubers
João Paolo Seara Cardoso, Portugal: The Mechanism of the Body
Puppetmastaz, Germany: The Punch Club

The program offerings include group visits to performances and artists 
studios, as well as tours of the city that focus on the topic of 
homeland/outland, especially conceived for the students and conducted by 
experts on Berlin. The Mobile Academy is an international meeting place and 
network, a camp, and an actionistic concept operating in the city.

ARTISTS, THEORISTS and SCOUTS amongst others:
Mohammed Abdel Amine (Brandenburg Initiative for Refugees, Berlin), Lindy 
Annis (Director/ Performing Artist, Berlin), Isabel Barros (Dancer, Porto), 
Franziska Becker (Ethnologist, Berlin), Bruno Beltrão (Choreographer, Rio 
de Janeiro), Regina Bendix (Professorin for European Ethnology, Göttingen), 
Hartmut Bitomsky (Filmmaker, Los Angeles), Matthew Buckingham (Artist, New 
York/Berlin), Stefanie Bürkle (Urban Researcher, Berlin), Friedemann 
Büttner (Expert of Middle East, FU Berlin), Nicholas Bussmann (Musician, 
Berlin), Françoise Cactus (Musician, Berlin), João Paulo Seara Cardoso 
(Puppepteer, Porto), Neco Celik (Filmmaker, Berlin), Georgette Dee 
(Diseuse, Berlin), Dorothee Dubrau (Member of the local district council 
responsible for city development, Berlin), Harun Farocki (Filmmaker, 
Berlin), Bruno Flierl (Architectural Theorist, Berlin), Micz Flor (Media 
and Internet activist, Berlin), Benjamin Förster-Baldenius (Performing 
Architect, Berlin/Buenos Aires), Bettina Funcke (Author/Curator, New 
York),Johannes M. Hedinger (Com&Com, Zurich), Thomas Heise (Filmmaker, 
Berlin), Nele Hertling (Artist Programme DAAD, Berlin), Helmut Höge 
(Author, Berlin), Darius James (Author, New York/Berlin), Stefan Kaegi 
(Director, on the road), Laura Kikauka (artist, Meaford /Berlin), Merle 
Kröger (Filmmaker, pong, Berlin), Mischa Kuball (Lightning Designer, 
Düsseldorf), Lucky Kitchen (Folktronic, La Rioja), Constanza Macras 
(Choreographer, Buenos Aires/Berlin), Sarat Maharaj (Art Theorist and 
Curator, London), Wolfgang Müller (Expert of Elves, Berlin), Francis K. 
Onwochei (Filmmaker, Lagos), Puppetmastaz (Toygroup, Berlin), Paul Rooney 
(Artist, Manchester), Chen Shi-Zheng (Director, New York), SubREAL 
(Artists, Bukarest), Bernhard Thome (Cook, Berlin), Neville Tranter 
(Puppeteer, Toowoomba/Amersfoort), Sasha Waltz (Choreographer, Berlin), 
Marina Warner (Author, London), Dorothee Wenner (Filmmaker, Berlin), Jossi 
Wieler (Director, Zurich/Berlin), Willow (Dancer, Rio de Janeiro), Qian Yi 
(Singer, New York)

<?x-tad-bigger><?/x-tad-bigger>Mobile Academy: Berlin 2004
<?/x-tad-bigger><?x-tad-bigger>office: Hebbel am Ufer / HAU1
Stresemannstraße 29
10963 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0)30 - 259004 65
Fax: +49 (0)30 - 259004 13
info at mobileacademy-berlin.com

A Project by Hannah Hurtzig and Hebbel am Ufer
In Co-operation with the Akademie der Künste

Funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.
Supported by a grant from: THEOREM (European association supported by the 
program Culture 2000 of the European Union)
Supported by additional grants from: Open Society Tajikistan, Muzeum 
Ljubiljana and Heinrich<?/x-tad-bigger><?color><?param 

Application Deadline: 15th of June.


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