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---last call---

Call for interests

[TCM nr.02 - FR]

· 7-16 May, 2004 in Strasbourg : OPEN SOURCE CITY

The festival "Open Source City" is organised by the Syndicat Potentiel, 
with Université Tangente and Ellipse.

OPEN SOURCE CITY is a 10 days event bringing artists, cartographers, 
architects, programmers, activists, occultists, psychogeographers, 
autonomous astronauts, researchers, doctors, sociologists and urbanists 
together to draw an « open source » map of the european city of Strasbourg. 
The festival will focus on historical maps, psychogeography, politics and 
religion ; Europe institutions and local specificities ; tactical media and 
„cyberguerillas‰ techniques, locative tools and wifi maps ; urbanism and 
city politics. The festival will finish on the Saturday 15, with 
presentations, panels and music.

"Open source city : collaborative mapping" workshop

The « Trans-Cultural Mapping » program stops in Strasbourg for the "Open 
source city : collaborative mapping" workshop. The Strasbourg TCM workshop 
will follow the 5th RAM workshop entitled "Open Source Media Architecture" 
that will take place from May 4th to 9th, 2004 in Riga, Latvia, organised 
by the RIXC. Open Source ideas -- that has its origins in the scientific 
and computer programming communities, where research is shared within a 
network for the common advancement of the field -- will be used and 
extended in both events. An exhibition will be set up and modified until 
the final version that will stay in Syndicat Potentiel space one month 
after the festival. The Strasbourg results will be presented in Riga for 
the Art+Communication Festival organised by the RIXC in october 2004 as a 
cloture of the TCM program.

In addition to the local projects that relate to urbanism, history and 
long-term actions, we‚re specifically looking for mapping techniques projects :
-	GPS, mobile tech and locative tools
-	wifi mappers and sniffers
-	mapping softwares developers
-	tactical media and „cyberguerillas‰ techniques

Psychogeography, interventions, artist presentations, lectures that address 
the « Open Source City » idea are also welcome.

Due to a limited budget, we can afford transports and accommodations only 
for a list of selected participants established by Syndicat Potentiel, 
Université Tangente and Ellipse. We can provide official letters for people 
who want to apply for their own travel grants and help as much as we can 
for people really interested.

Before submitting a proposal, please take a look at the type of projects 
developed by Université Tangente :



proposals : 20 lines describing your project and a short bio.

Please come with your personal equipment if you need some and specify if : 
limited number of participants in the audience ; specific period during the 
10 days of the festival ; inside/outside actions ; time needed ; etc.
Contact : Ewen Chardronnet <ewen at tiscali.fr>

Answer by 10 APRIL

The « Trans-Cultural Mapping » program is a European Union Culture 2000 
program for 2004 in the special event section for the celebration of the 
European enlargment. The lead organisation is the Center For New Media 
Culture, RIXC from Riga (Latvia) and co-organised with K at 2 (Latvia), 
Projekt Atol (Slovenia), Piknik Frequency (Finland), TEKS (Norway), LORNA 
(Iceland), Ellipse (France).

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