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Marius Niculae niculae8 at lycos.com
Mon Sep 29 17:47:11 CEST 2003

for inmediate release

net art projects
National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest Romania initiates a 
program of net art projects presentations on both on-line and 
off-line platforms of www.mnac.ro and Kalinderu Medialab's spaces.

Kalinderu Medialab / MNAC Bucharest

open_digi LATINO initiated by atty with groups open_digi
(S. London) and OFFLINE
opening 29 september 6 pm
Kalinderu Medialab, Str. Dr. Sion 2-4
the show will last until 26 october 2003
curator Florin Tudor Partner British Council Bucharest

'open_digi' LATINO
Fernando Llanos (MX) http://www.fllanos.com
Arcangel Constantini (MX) http://www.unosunosyunosceros.com
Brian Mackern (UY) http://www.internet.com.uy/vibri
'nortec' group (from Tijuanna) http://www.milrecords.com/
http://www.fussible.com/ http://nor-tec.org/

new work from OFFLINE members
Atty (UK) http://www.hell.com
Margaret Penney (USA) http://www.dream7.com
Peter Luining (NL) http://www.ctrlaltdel.org
with screensaver at http://scr.ctrlaltdel.org/Time_s_up!.zip

30 september 6 pm 'net art spaces' / Atty at British Council in the 
frame of the program Intre.Vederi

OFFLINE + 'open_digi' information base http://offline.area3.net/club/

For more information about the full net art project in the National 
Museum of Contemporary Art http://www.mnac.ro

Any correspondence concerning the project can be addressed to 
atty at no-such.com, atty / http://www.hell.com

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