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International journal of interconnectivity between art, culture, technology
and society.

Call for papers
London, September 2003

Nexuses is a new online journal set up following a review of the aims of
the online journal a-r-c. Whereas a-r-c was conceived as a forum for
investigating art research and critical curating, Nexuses aims to extend
the scope of enquiry by providing a platform for discussions focused on the
interconnections between art, culture, technology and society.

We intend to publish material that advances or opens new lines of discourse
around notions of interconnectivity. It is generally understood that
contemporary society involves an always fluctuating interpenetration and
interdependence of the political, the economic and the cultural. Nexuses
seeks to provide a platform for the exploration, communication and
circulation of critical approaches to these interrelationships.

Nexuses invites the submission of papers that fall within the above scope.
In line with Nexuses promotion of multi-language publishing, papers
originated in languages other than English may also be published in the
original language with an English translation. However, this facility is
subject to the capabilities of current Internet's HTML support.

Overall papers submitted for consideration should not be longer than 5000
words. All copyrights will remain with the author.

Please bear in mind that Nexuses is run on a voluntary basis without
funding from any source and therefore we are unable to remunerate for the
submission of papers.

Texts submitted should be double-spaced. All references to sources and
other details outside the text must be checked for accuracy. URLs should be
checked for current validity.

Titles in the text should be underlined. Section titles should be in bold
and in italics. Quotations of more than three lines should be indented by
one tab. These requirements are for reviewing purposes only and do not
indicate the possible formatting of the text when published online.

Endnotes should not be formatted using automated word processing
facilities. They should be placed at the end of the text following the same
format as the main text. Notes in the text should be numbered between
square brackets. Thus [#].

All papers should be sent attached to an e-mail to nexuses at gold.ac.uk with
Submission in the subject field. Papers presented at conferences as well as
those published elsewhere can be considered for publication. It is the
author's responsibility to ensure that re-publication is permitted. Please
include a short biographical note at the end of your text.

All submissions will be reviewed by the editors and considered for their
suitability with respect to the journal's aims and interests.

Images included in the text should be formatted as JPEG of no more than 400
pixels either in their width or height, and attached to the e-mail, and
clearly labelled. If necessary the images position in the body of the text
should be clearly indicated. A "List of images" should accompany the images
indicating all their relevant details.

Following acceptance of a paper, and due to the English bias of the
Internet, contributors wishing to publish in languages other than English
will be asked to send a hard copy of the text by post so that particular
characters can be properly coded.

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this email with Unsubscribe in the Subject line.

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