[artinfo] "Alternative Economics, Alternative Societies"

Oliver Ressler oliver.ressler at chello.at
Sun Oct 26 12:49:01 CET 2003

A project by Oliver Ressler

Galerija Skuc, Ljubljana (SI)
Opening: Wednesday, 29 October, 8 p.m.
30 October - 29 November 2003

After the loss of a countermodel for capitalism - which socialism, in its
real, existing form presented until its collapse - alternative concepts
for economic and social development face difficulties at the beginning of
the twenty-first century. In the industrial nations "alternatives," are,
namely, only broadly discussed when they do not question the existing
power relations of the capitalist system and representative democracies.
Other socio-economic approaches are, on the other hand, labeled utopian,
devalued, and excluded from serious discussion if even considered at all.

In the framework of the theme-specific installation, "Alternative
Economics, Alternative Societies," the focus will be on diverse concepts,
models, and utopias for alternative economies and societies which share in
common a rejection by the capitalist system of rule. For each concept, an
interview will be carried out from which an English video will be
produced. In the exhibition, these single-channel videos, which range from
20 to 37 minutes, will be shown on separate monitors thus forming the
central elements of the artistic installation.

Presented in the framework of the project are alternative societal and
economic models such as "Inclusive Democracy" from Takis Fotopoulos
(GB/GR), "Participatory Economy" from Michael Albert (U.S.A.), and "Free
Cooperation" from Christoph Spehr (G). Nancy Folbre (U.S.A.) speaks about
her concept of "Caring Labor," and Marge Piercy (U.S.A.) speaks about the
feminist-anarchist utopias of her social fantasies. As an interesting
historical model, the workers' self-management in Yugoslavia in the
sixties and seventies will be thematized in the exhibition by Todor Kuljic
(SCG). Models developed in other specific historical contexts such as "La
Commune" in Paris (1870-1871) and the workers' collectives during the
Spanish Civil War (1936-38) will be thematized in the further course of
the project.

The exhibition project will be continually expanded in the coming years
through further economic and social concepts.

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