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CALL FOR PROPOSALS: "Visualeyez" Festival, Latitude 53 (Edmonton)
     Deadline: October 15, 2003; Source: fifty3 magazine
20 - 29 May, 2004
CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "Buy or sell or buy" Pace Digital Gallery (New Yok)
      Deadline October 30, 2003; Source: Jillian Mcdonald
Deadline for submissions - October 30th, 2003. 
 CALL FOR PAPERS: Art, Environment and 
Environmental Art, CO-GEN: Visual Culture and 
Nature (Toronto)
     Deadline: October 10, 2003; Source: Instant Coffee
For submission guidelines see

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FADO E-LIST (October 2003)


1. Fado presents Irma Optimist & Pekka Luhta
     October 10 -11, 2003 as part of Tranz<--->Tech
2. EVENT: Tranz <---> Tech Toronto International Media Art Biennial (Toronto)
     October 9 - 12, 2003; Source: Tranz<--->Tech
3. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: "Visualeyez" Festival, Latitude 53 (Edmonton)
     Deadline: October 15, 2003; Source: fifty3 magazine
4. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "Buy or sell or buy" Pace Digital Gallery (New Yok)
      Deadline October 30, 2003; Source: Jillian Mcdonald
5. NEWS; Polysonneries Festival forced to cancel (France)
     Source: Sylvie Ferr?
     February 25-29, 2004; Source: ARCCO
7. CALL FOR PAPERS: Art, Environment and 
Environmental Art, CO-GEN: Visual Culture and 
Nature (Toronto)
     Deadline: October 10, 2003; Source: Instant Coffee

1. Fado presents FIVE HOLES: reminiSCENT
     Performance mini-festival, September 18 - 21, 2003

Friday, October 10, 2003, 10 pm

PEKKA LUHTA:  Valid - War - Invalid
Saturday, October 11, 2003, 7 pm

@ Latvian Hall, 491 College St.
Co-sponsored by TRANZ <---> TECH Toronto International Media Art Biennial
Festival Pass $20 / $15 Students; Evening Pass $8

TORONTO, Canada ... Fado is pleased to present 
the Toronto premiere of new works by two Finnish 
performance artists, Irma Optimist and Pekka 
Luhta. Their performances will take place at 
Latvian Hall on October 10 and 11, 2003 in 
conjunction with the TRANZ <---> TECH Toronto 
International Media Art Biennial.

Irma Optimist and Pekka Luhta will present solo 
performance works that hint at a slightly 
surrealist sensibility, employing rapid-fire 
humour and high-impact visual imagery. These two 
artists use entertainment and surprise as 
elements to lead the audience into a world of 
serious thought and theory. For Irma Optimist, 
female sexuality is the tactic of choice in her 
performance art works. Using various personas, 
from sex kitten to the mythical huntress Diana, 
she seduces, captivates and captures males within 
her audience in order to explain mathematical 
formulae. Pekka Luhta's prosthetic limb provides 
the departure point for setting up complex 
readings of cultural and social theory.

Irma Optimist has been a performance artist since 
1989, producing over 100 works to date throughout 
Europe and in North America. She was last seen in 
Toronto in 1996 as part of Fado's RENCONTRE 
PERFORMANCE. In addition to her performance art 
career, Optimist works as a professor of 
mathematics and statistics at the University of 

Pekka Luhta is a performance artist and writer 
who lives and works in Finland. He has performed 
throughout Europe and in North America. This is 
his first visit to Canada. He writes of his work: 
"I concentrate on living art using my body as the 
most important instrument. The works tell about 
the situations in which I manifest my corporal 
thinking. Photographs, performances, videos, 
writings, drawings and paintings are the 
fragments of living experience."

Irma Optimist and Pekka Luhta will also be in 
Hamilton on Wednesday, October 8, 2003 as part of 
the Art Gallery of Hamilton's Sevenseason 
program. For details contact Tor Lukasik-Foss, 
Outreach Coordinator at (905) 527-6610 ext. 258 
or by email at tor at artgalleryofhamilton.com.

This project received support from the FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange.

2. EVENT: Tranz <---> Tech Toronto International Media Art Biennial (Toronto)
     October 9 - 12, 2003; Source: Tranz<--->Tech

@ The Latvian House
491 College St., Toronto
+ other locations

Tranz<--->Tech: Toronto International Media Art 
Biennial, the only biennial of its kind in 
Canada, is a leading-edge and vibrant media art 
festival that presents the work of over 100 
Canadian and international video and media 
artists during four days of screenings, 
performances, exhibitions, installations, 
artist's talks and a symposium. Located at the 
Latvian House and at over 10 satellite locations 
throughout the city, the event involves the 
participation of twenty-one Toronto arts 
organizations including Fado Performance Inc., 
Charles Street Video, the Images Festival, the 
Inside Out Festival, Pleasure Dome, Vtape, and 
YYZ Artists' Outlet.

Now in its 3rd year and running from October 9 
through October 12 the Biennial hosts nine 
curated programs containing sixty-five video 
works, five live-event performances, three onsite 
installations and fifteen offsite exhibitions. 
The works are from a diverse range of countries 
including Canada, USA, UK, China, Finland, Japan, 
Lebanon, Palestine, Poland, Italy, Israel, 
France, and Germany. Throughout the four days, 
the Latvian House will be the site of ongoing 
experiments and experiences in new media 
including: the student lounge, a soundwalk, sound 
installations, and a media art symposium.

Tranz<--->Tech opens Thursday, October 9  with 
four programs, beginning at 6pm with the launch 
of Blueprint, a publication exploring the future 
of audiovisual culture, followed at 7pm by The 
Colin Campbell Sessions - seven commissioned 
video works inspired by the legendary Canadian 
video artist. The evening closes with Fear 
Factory, a program of videos that consider what - 
from anti-perspirant to SARS, from terrorism to 
skirt lengths - makes us afraid, and what fear 
makes of us. Over the course of the following 
three days the festival presents spotlight artist 
Laurel Swenson, who hails from Vancouver, in a 
program of nine short videos that attempt to 
answer the question: "What is the embodiment of 
contemporary anxiety?"; performances by Finnish 
artists Irma Optimist and Pekka Luhta; Towards a 
New Chinese Technological Era - a program of 
video art from China with a special focus on the 
Shanghai art scene; The Olive Project: Two 
Minutes for Peace and Justice, international 
video works (a component of which had to feature 
olives, olive oil, olive trees or olive groves) 
and a live video conference addressing 
Israeli-Palestinian conflict and devastated olive 
crops; the Vtape Emerging Artist Award; and 
SOUNDplay, electroacoustic and experimental sound 
performance works by Vivienne Spiteri.

Some of the fifteen exhibitions at participating 
galleries include: Psychotopes, curated by Markus 
Muller (curator, Documenta 11) at YYZ Artists' 
Outlet, (401 Richmond St. W. Suite 140. September 
3 - October 18); Flambant Vu, a 3-person 
exhibition curated by Sylvian Campeau at Gallery 
44 Centre for Contemporary Art (401 Richmond St. 
W. Suite 120 September 12 - October 25); and My 
Love He's in Taipei, He's Giving Concerts There, 
a two-part video installation by (Vtape 
artist-in-residence) Louidgi Beltrame, at Archive 
(883 Queen St. W., October 8-November 1).  A tour 
of the offsite locations will be taking place at 
the 401 Richmond St. W. building on Saturday, 
October 11, starting at 2pm

Commenting on Tranz<--->Tech 2003, Director Dara 
Gellman says, "The biennial provides a 
multi-layered environment in which local and 
international artists, curators, writers and the 
public can network, view and discuss what's new 
and important in contemporary video and related 
art mediums. It's also a unique opportunity for 
students and youth to participate and engage with 
media arts through events that target them 
specifically. With many international guests and 
packed houses, TRANZ<--->TECH is becoming a 
mainstay in Toronto and beyond."

Participating organizations: Centre for 
Aboriginal Media (CAM), Charles Street Video 
(CSV), Ed Video, Fado Performance Inc., Fame 
Fame, Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary 
Photography, Hard Pressed Collective, Images 
Festival of Independent Film and Video, Inside 
Out Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film and Video 
Festival, Interaccess Electronic Media Arts 
Centre, Media City, Mercer Union, New Adventures 
in Sound Art, Ping, Pleasure Dome, terminus 1525, 
Trinity Square Video (TSV), Vtape, Women's Art 
Resource Centre (WARC), Year01, YYZ Artist's 

image credit: Laurel Swenson. Swing. 200. video, 
from the program Sitting Still: A Body of 
Anxiety, Technology & Hope. Presented by Inside 
Out Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film and Video 
Festival. Curated by Kathleen Mullen.

For more information:
416.351.1317 or check out <http://www.tranztech.ca>www.tranztech.ca

All events at Latvian House, 491 College St. unless otherwise noted.

Festival Pass $20 / $15 with student ID
Evening Pass $8 / $6 with student ID
Available at:
Latvian House, from October 9

Program Guides:
Online: <http://www.tranztech.ca>www.tranztech.ca (after September 22)
At: participating organizations locations, and Latvian House, from October 9

Toronto International Media Art Biennial
c/o 401 Richmond St. W. Suite 452
Toronto. Ontario M5V 3A8 Canada
T 416.351.1317
F 416.351.1509
info at tranztech.ca

3rd Edition: 9-12 October 2003

3. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: "Visualeyez" Festival, Latitude 53 (Edmonton)
     Deadline: October 15, 2003; Source: fifty3 magazine

20 - 29 May, 2004

How does performance art, as a temporary medium exist beyond the moment?

The curatorial theme will concentrate on the 
constructs of time. Are our lives controlled by 
the passing of time? How does time influence how 
we live our lives and how we navigate the choices 
in our daily routines? Is it a passive or active 
influence in our lives? Is the pace of society 
and industry a factor on how we live our lives? 
Does technology really free up out time? How do 
we individually measure time?

Proposals should include:
a detailed project description of the work to be presented
an artistic statement and relevance to the curatorial theme
curriculum vitae and biography
documentation of previous or current work (slides, mini-dv, vhs, dvd)
complete technical and/or staff requirements
return postage

Send proposals to:
Todd Janes, Curator
Visualeyez 2004
Latittude 53
10248 106 Street
Edmonton, AB
Canada  T5J 1H5

(note: for Paul Couillard's description of the 
most recent Visualeyez Festival, visit 

4. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "Buy or sell or buy" Pace Digital Gallery (New Yok)
      Deadline October 30, 2003; Source: Jillian Mcdonald

Do you have something to sell?
Pace Digital Gallery in New York City is curating 
an online exhibition of work that uses E-Bay 
(www.ebay.com), the online auction house, as a 
conceptual vehicle. We are not interested in 
artists selling their artwork or their belongings 
online, but rather in artists who are 
investigating notions of consumer culture, the 
market, ephemerality, exchange, intangibility, 
and things that cannot be for sale. We are 
interested in work that will be contemporary with 
the January exhibition but also in archived 
projects. We will hold an opening and print a 
brochure or small catalogue.
Deadline for submissions - October 30th, 2003. 
Send proposal or documentation, documentation of 
previous work (URL, DVD, miniDV, digital images), 
bio, CV, and statement to the attention of:
Prof. Jillian Mcdonald
Fine Arts, Pace University
12th Floor, 41 Park Row
NY, NY 10038
digitalgallery at pace.edu

5. NEWS; Polysonneries Festival forced to cancel (France)
     Source: Sylvie Ferr?

NO to Performance Art

Polysonneries, an internationally recognised 
festival of living art supported by the European 
Commission will not take place (has to be 

The Lyon local authority and the DRAC don't want it !

The Lyon based "Festival Polysonneries" obtained 
a grant from the European Commission for 2003 of 
59,176 euros. Alas, despite this success, the 
local finance (a condition for the payment of the 
European grant) necessary for the production is 
still missing. The thousand and one reminders 
addressed to the local contacts have achieved 

The town of Lyon, which up to now has been the 
principal partner of the Polysonneries refuses to 
support the 2003 edition. Worse still, the 
cultural adjoint, M. Beghain has refused the 
"Convention AFAA/Ville de Lyon" which the 
Festival benefited from in 2001, considering that 
the cultural year of China in France : an "event" 
which the Polysonneries has not wait to include 
Chinese artists in their program.
The DRAC following the opinion of only one of its 
artistic advisors, Alain Reyrat (although Benoit 
Guillemont and Odile Nublat were in favour of the 
event), still maintains the same sanction as in 
2001 and for the 2nd time its ex-directeur M. 
Bengio has refused categorically its support.

>From the Rhone-Alpes regional administration, we 
>have received the same sum as the previous 
>event, that's to say 3050 euros, 20 times less 
>than the European grant.
The "Centre National du Livre" in Paris continues 
to support the "Sound Poetry" part of the 
Festival with 6000euros.
As for Guy Walter whom we met during the spring 
to request access to the Villa Gillet for the 
Sound Poetry section, armed with an agreement in 
principal, his response will never reach us

The Polysonneries is a proven event which is 
unique in France and enjoys, among critics, an 
undeniable reputation on an international scale.

It is with a certain bitterness that the 
Festival, considering the state of the financial 
commitments of its various partners, is obliged 
by regulation to return the European grant. This 
despite the fact that the total sum gathered 
(119,288 euros including grants and own 
resources) represents half the budget requested. 
It is worth while to underline that the local 
support is obligatory for a European grant, which 
itself represents 25% of the total Festival 
budget. And that the amount for the organisation 
abroad by the finish and belgium partners are 
included in this previous budget.
What an incredible waste, without even taking 
into account the work already done, to prepare 
the 2003 edition, at a pure loss ! Which, among 
other things, foresaw close collaboration with 
the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, in Finland, 
in conjunction with FRAME (Finish Fund for Art 
Exchange) and with the Echevinat of Ixelles in 
Brusssels.  The Festival should also have taken 
place in these 2 countries.

The result is evident !
How does one resolve without bitterness the loss 
of one of the rare places of discovery and 
confrontation dedicated to Performance and the 
authentic creativity it engenders ? How does one 
envisage the activity of the organisers of such 
events linked to similar domains if they can, 
from one year to another, be completely 
questioned, which bars any long term strategy and 
forbids any risk taking necessary in such cases 
for  research and audacity?
Is it necessary to remember that in 1979 the 
Symposium of  Performance Art formed the basis 
for the current Polysonneries.
Why, here in Lyon, is there no wish to support 
independent structures, who work in the 
multidisciplinary sector to which official 
speeches today pay continual lip service. Why, 
with each change of local government, is the 
future of such manifestations questioned ? Are we 
eternally condemned to precarity, subject to the 
tantrums or the incomprehension of one or other 
official or politician?

More generally : should we resign ourselves to 
the fact that the end of the Polysonneries 
signifies regression and at the same time, an 
acceleration of the process that brings us closer 
to the unsharing reign of commercial and 
spectacular culture : intellectual tradition, 
institution and show business apparently welded 
together  and reacting in unison to liquidate 
liberal space essential to life.

The situation is grave, we must react !

Sylvie Ferr?, director

Festival International d'Art Vivant
34 Quai Saint-Antoine - BP 2081- F-69226  Lyon cedex 02.
Tel. 33(0)4 78 92 98 05 - Fax  33(0)4 72 40 95 94 - Mobile  33(0)6 09 49 64 37
E-mail : Sylvie.FERRE at adeli.biz - Website : www.polysonneries.org

Note: If you wish to register your support for 
the festival, you can write to the City of Lyon, 
DRAC, and the French Ministry of Culture 
expressing your disappointment with their 
decision. Addresses follow:

Patrice Beghain
Adjoint ? la culture
Hotel de Ville,
BP 1065
69205 Lyon cedex 01

Richard Lagrange
Grenier d'Abondance
6 Quai Saint Vincent
69283 Lyon cedex 01

and of course Ministery of Culture:
Mr Aillagon
Minist?re de la Culture
3 rue de Valois
75042 Paris cedex 01

and send a copy for information to :
Olivier Poivre d'Arvor
1 bis avenue de Villars
75327 Paris cedex 07


Didier Dastarac
R?gion Rh?ne-Alpes
78 route de paris
BP 19
69751 Charbonnieres les Bains cedex

     February 25-29, 2004; Source: ARCCO

INFEST Overview
InFest builds upon two other international events for Artist Run Centres,
FESARS in Stockholm in 1999 and Space Traffic in Hong Kong in 2001. While
FESARS focused primarily on European Artist Run Centres, and Space Traffic
on Asian Artist Run Centres, InFest will truly embrace the globe, and will
be the largest gathering in North America of representatives from
international Artist Run Centres. This five day event includes a variety of
components; among them discussion forums, Artist Run Centre presentations, a
networking event, exhibitions, public education programs, and social events.
The focus is on exchanging ideas and strategies to advance artist run
culture, generating a sense of community that transcends national borders,
and encouraging international collaborations. The goal of InFest is to
strengthen the presence of Artist Run Centres within the cultural ecology
and public imagination. The benefits of InFest will not only affect
international networks but also individual communities.

Canada has a 30 year history of Artist Run Centres, but in the past 5 years
there has been a boom internationally. I currently have a list of more than
150 Artist Run Centres outside of Canada. With growing communication systems
making international exchange more accessible, InFest marks a timely stage
for evaluation of artist run culture and, for the first time, will provide
the opportunity for individuals from Artist Run Centres representing a broad
diversity of nations to meet, to share ideas and concerns, and to
strategically position themselves within the international arena. The
outcome will have a lasting impact on their future achievements, and bring a
sense of confidence and stability to those working in this thriving cultural



InFest will feature five thematic discussion forums with 15 speakers from
around the world. The topics will represent issues that are of primary
concern to Artist Run Centres and that have implications for their future
progress and prosperity. ARCs with different mandates, histories and ages
will be represented to provide a broad overview of the issues, and even some
conflicting perspectives that will add to the discussion.

Each discussion forum will be led by a moderator who will keep discussion on
topic and on time. They will be followed by smaller informal group
discussions to further develop the ideas presented by the speakers and to
encourage participation by those less forthcoming in larger groups. A
respondent will summarize the issues at the end of each day.

Mutations: What are Artist Run Centres?
Artist Run Centres are emerging at a rapid pace and in all corners of the
globe. It is a phenomenon with shared goals that exists within a variety of
structures and mandates. This forum will explore the shifting definitions of
what may constitute an Artist Run Centre, the purpose they serve, their
contributions to culture, and where the work of Artist Run Centres is
positioned within the larger art system

Moderator -  Lorna Brown, Artspeak, Vancouver
Speakers -  Bastien Gilbert, Regroupment des Centres d'Artistes Autog?r?s du
Qu?bec, Montr?al
Hee-chae Moon, Alternative Art Space Loop, Seoul
Sofie Sweger, United-Net Works, Stockholm

Survival of the Fittest: Funding and Artist Run Centres
Funding is a primary concern for the stability of Artist Run Centres, and
this forum will bring together speakers from three centres that take
distinctly different approaches to achieving their financial needs. What are
some successful models? What are the differences between funding from
private and public sources, and what is the impact on programs? How can
funding be stabilized, and how does one adjust to shifts in funding sources?

Moderator -  Glenn Alteen, Grunt Gallery, Vancouver
Speakers -  Barbara Hunt - Artists Space, New York
Deirdre Kelly - Cubitt, London
Gonzalo Lebrija - Oficina para Proyectos de Arte, Guadalajara

Breeding Ground: Writing and Criticism in Artist Run Culture
Writing and criticism generates discourse and keeps the artistic community
vital and dynamic. This forum will probe into how artist run culture is
sustained through writing and criticism, how it can establish a place for
Artist Run Centres in history, some of the models available to achieve it,
and whether a distinct form of criticism is emerging in artist run culture.

Moderator -  Ashok Mathur, Artist/Writer, Vancouver
Speakers -  Kerri Embrey - YYZ Books, Toronto
Brett Jones - West Space, Melbourne
Tsang Tak-Ping - Para/Site, Hong Kong

Migratory Patterns: Internationalism and International Exchange
The impact of globalization is troublesome territory when it comes to
culture. What is the relationship of international exchange to
globalization, and what are the hazards and benefits that accompany the
export of national identities? What is the impact of international
residencies on artists and the cultural life of cities? Do Artist Run
Centres advance an approach to internationalism that is different from large
scale Biennales?

Moderator -  Hank Bull, Centre A, Vancouver
Speakers -  Fiona Boundy - Gasworks, London
Claudia Fontes - Trama, Buenos Aires
Jean Mailloux - La Chambre Blanche, Qu?b?c City

Metamorphosis: The Artist as Curator
Increasingly, exhibitions and even programs in Artist Run Centres are
curated by artists. This forum will examine whether the artist as curator is
a new model that has an impact on curatorial practices, whether the
artist/curator model differs in terms of serving the artist, how the process
might be a departure from that of larger institutions, and how the artist as
curator is entering the larger art system.

Moderator -  Laiwan, Artist, Vancouver
Speakers -  Matthew Higgs - CCAC Wattis Institute, San Francisco
Stephen Hobbs - The Trinity Session, Johannesburg
Jonathan Middleton - Western Front, Vancouver,


An afternoon will be devoted to presentations by a selection of innovative,
relatively young, Artist Run Centres from around the world. Highlighting
their programs and activities, these Centres will represent the extensive
variety of structures and mandates that illustrate the breadth of Artist Run
activity. These presentations will serve to expand the idea of what Artist
Run Centres can be.


Organizations will have the opportunity to set up displays with information
on their organization, mandate, programs and publications. It is a rare
occasion to become acquainted with a vast selection of Artist Run Centres
and the people who make them happen. They will have the opportunity to
explore potential collaborations and exchanges in a friendly, informal


It is important that InFest is presented as an event that is accessible to
the public as well as the art community. Public progams will be offered with
tours of ARCs which will include a discussion about the history of artist
run centres, their purpose, and their role within the larger art system, as
well as insight into each exhibition that is visited. An education
coordinator will be contracted to plan the content of the tours and to train
tour guides. A brochure describing Artist Run Centre history and the current
exhibitions will be published for the occasion and will be available at all
pubic and private Vancouver galleries.

The discussion forums, gallery openings, Artist Run Centre presentations,
gallery tours, and dance party will be open to the participation of the


The discussion forums and networking session will be held at Simon Fraser
University Downtown which has the required facilities of a theatre with
appropriate technical equipment and a room with large windows to accommodate
the smaller discussion sessions as well as the networking session. ARC
presentations will take place in the theatre at Emily Carr Institute of Art
& Design. Closing party will take place in the atrium of the Vancouver
Public Library.


InFest coordinators are publicizing this locally and abroad. Not only is it
being distributed through the internet to more than 250 organizations, but
publicity in the form of advertisements or new items will be sent out to
major art magazines. We are speaking with Canadian Art, Canada's most widely
distributed national art magazine, about a feature article on Artist Run
Centres that will coincide with InFest . National and local television,
radio and print media will be personally contacted to cover the event.


InFest will include the participation of Vancouver's Artist Run Centres who
will contribute special exhibitions and/or video programs. The Artist Run
Centres participating in InFest are Access, Alternator, Artspeak, Gallery
Gachet, Grunt Gallery, Or Gallery, Helen Pitt Gallery, Video In Studios,
Open Space, and Western Front.

Other public galleries in Vancouver such as Centre A, Contemporary Art
Gallery and the Belkin Satellite will be producing adjunct exhibitions to
complement Artist Run Culture. Centre A is doing a project with Para/Site
Artist Run Centre in Hong Kong; Contemporary Art Gallery is featuring two
Canadian artists who have emerged from the Artist Run Centre system; and the
Belkin will present a project by a student from the University of British
Columbia's Curatorial Studies program that will examine the history of
Artist Run Centres.

There will be three evenings of opening receptions hosted by these

Access  206 Carrall Street, Vancouver - A group exhibition of local emerging
artists who have connections to other parts of the world either through
international correspondence or cultural cross-over.

Alternator Gallery 421 Cawston Ave, Kelowna - Cindy Baker (Saskatoon)
examines societal standards, particularly as they relate to language and
dissemination of information. She is interested in things that are awkward,
out of place and pathetic and has a strong performance and conceptual base
to her work. Whether creating toys that are liars or walking through the
communityin a Plexiglas box, she takes the insignificant and magnifies it,
pointing out the absurdities that exist around us. March 5 - April 10, 2004
Artspeak 233 Carral Street, Vancouver - Klaus Scher?bel (Vienna) Untitled
(The Artist at Work) Scher?bel's work draws on a history of production -
self-portraiture, documentary photography and film - that mythifies the
special subjectivity of the artist and the reified space of the studio.
Untitled (The Artist at Work) is a series of photographs picturing the
artist in public spaces such as libraries, cinemas and furniture stores. His
conceptual interventions, using various means and strategies always redefine
the status of the artwork and the artist in relation to the framing
practices of visual and written language. January 31 - March 6, 2004
Gallery Gachet  88 East Cordova Street, Vancouver - in Sanity is a
collaborative exhibition between Gallery Gachet, Vancouver/ Being Scene
Gallery, Toronto/Living Museum, Queens, which explores the relationship
between art and the human condition.

Grunt  350 East 2nd Ave., Vancouver - Futuristic Regalia, Peter Morin and
Sonny Assu. Both artists are from traditional Aboriginal lands located in
British Columbia and will be creating button blankets to suits which are
based on traditional Native regalia. Mixing influences from both their First
Nation's backgrounds and from popular culture, these culturally designed
clothes are speaking from political and social views about industry, how it
affects the Native experience and their vision of the future. February 12 -
28, 2004

Helen Pitt Gallery 882 Homer Street, Vancouver - Production, Consumption &
Function: Exploring Alternative Economies (Vancouver) questions the
necessity of participating in the "totality of advanced capitalism" by
imagining/enacting alternative economies, conflating notions of
collectivity, individuality, production and reception. January 15 - February
29, 2004

Open Space 510 Fort Street, Victoria - Personal Fabrication (Canada)
utilizes an exploratory research sensibility (ie. a laboratory), encouraging
dialogue and discussions. Individual events, spontaneity, and artistic-risk
taking from a "fabricated" point-of-view. Artistic (aesthetic, formal and
technical concerns), theoretical, social and local issues will be the
discussion, and production points from a "personal" viewpoint in an attempt
to broaden the dialogue around "New artistic Practices" and challenge the
tenets of traditional art forms. Speakers: Diana Burgoyne (Vancouver);
Ctheory: Arthur Kroker (Victoria); Russell Smith (Toronto): David Rokeby
(Montreal), Marina Roy (Vancouver). Projects Roving Projects allow for the
introduction of the artist's work and ideas in progress. It is an attempt to
extend further the notion of exploration, processes, references and ideas
that involve the artists in the creation of art. In these presentations, the
various stages of artistic production become an integral part of the work.
Projects such as site-related works, performances, readings, workshops,
small installations, lectures and meetings that expand the concepts and
notions of art in today's world are encouraged and selected. Artists:
Michael Fernandez (Halifax), Kelly Mark (Toronto), Collette Urban (Toronto),
Rhodri Davies & Jeff Allport (Seattle/Victoria) Web Based Projects were
created in an effort to promote a dialogue about the interactive nature of
presenting art on the web, exploring the relationship between the virtual
and the real, as well as extending the boundaries of the gallery space.
Artists: Mary Flannagan (USA), Robert Normandeau (Montreal). February 1 -
March 6, 2004

Or 480 Smithe Street, Vancouver - Natasha McHardy and Marina Roy (Vancouver)
embark on a do it yourself adventure as they take us through a step by step
gastronomic experience in their kitchen, and a life affirming journey
through the mundane trials and tribulations of better living. February 7 -
March 6 2004

Video In 1965 Main Street, Vancouver - Screenings and events dedicated to
activist video and audio works from regional, national and international

Western Front 303 East 8th Ave, Vancouver Organization for Cultural Exchange
and Disagreement. As the latest permutation of Westspace's (Melbourne)
Organization collaborative projects, Organization for Cultural Exchange and
Disagreement (OCED) will feature work by local and international artists
looking at the current state of the Institutional Critique,
institutionalized dissent, and utopic disarray. Exhibition curators Brett
Jones and Jonathan Middleton will use this exhibition to ask questions about
the bureaucratic/administrative overlay on the development of creative ideas
and their modes of formation common among artist co-operatives, artist run
centres, and corporate or institutional identities used by artists. These
questions will be framed through the 'Disagreement' as a device intended to
implicate all of those involved. February 28 - April 3, 2004

Public Galleries: Belkin Satellite, Centre A and Contemporary Art Gallery.

Belkin Satellite 555 Hamilton Street, Vancouver - A curatorial project by
Jessie Caryl that looks at the work of a number of artists engaged with
diverse feminisms in Vancouver during the 1980s and 1990s. February 27 -
March 21, 2004

Centre A 849 Homer Street, Vancouver - A collaborative multi-media and web
based project with Hong Kong based artist collective/Artist Run Centre

Contemporary Art Gallery 555 Nelson Street, Vancouver - Contemporary Art
Gallery 555 Nelson Street, Vancouver - Luanne Martineau (Victoria) uses turn
of the century comic books, and their racist depictions of a North American
immigrant polyglot ,as sources for elaborate drawings. In her exhibition at
the Contemporary Art Gallery, Martineau plans a suite of drawings
accompanied by a large sculptural installation. Nestor Kruger's (Toronto)
meticulously rendered monochromatic wall paintings have, over the past three
years, explored the nature of optics and the specifics of place. Kruger is
interested in overlapping architectural contexts, and his work at the
Contemporary Art Gallery will continue in this vein to elaborate the
gallery's architectural surround as a template for an ambitious series of
paintings. Both artists had their early exhibitions in Artist Run Centres.
January 16 - February 29, 2004

FEBRUARY 25 - 29, 2004


Wednesday, February 25

10:00 am - 11:00 am Media Event
11:00 am - 1:00 pm            Registration/Reception
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm     ARC Network Session

6:00 pm -                   Openings (Or, Pitt, CAG, Centre A)

Thursday, February 26

9:30 am - 10:00 am  Opening remarks
10:00 am - 11:30 am Discussion Forum I - Mutations: What are ARCs?
11:30 am - 12:30 pm Small group discussions
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm  Discussion Forum II - Survival of the Fittest: Funding
3:00 pm - 3:30 pm  Respondent Summary
3:30 pm - 4:00 pm   Small group discussions

8:00 pm -   Openings (Artspeak, Access, Gachet)

Friday, February 27

9:30 am - 11:00 am  Discussion Forum III - Breeding Ground: Writing &
Criticism in Artist Run Culture
11:00 am - 12:00 am Small group discussions
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm  Discussion Forum IV - Migratory Patterns:
Internationalism & International Exchange
2:30 pm - 3:00 pm  Respondent Summary
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm  Small group discussions

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm  Reception event ( Western Front)
8:00 pm -   Openings (Grunt, Western Front, Video In)

Saturday, February 28

11:00 am - 12:30 pm Discussion Forum V - Metamorphosis: The Artist as
12:30 am - 1:00 pm  Respondent Summary


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm  ARC Presentations (12 - 15 centres)

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm  Dinner
9:00 pm -    Dance Party at Vancouver Public Library

11:00 am , 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm   Gallery tours

Sunday, February 29

11:00 am - 1:00 pm  Dim Sum Brunch
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm  Closing Discussions/Closing Reception
Flights home

11:00 am , 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm   Gallery tours

For more information contact: Keith Wallace, Program Director
<Kwallace at paarc.ca>

7. CALL FOR PAPERS: Art, Environment and 
Environmental Art, CO-GEN: Visual Culture and 
Nature (Toronto)
     Deadline: October 10, 2003; Source: Instant Coffee

CO-GEN: Visual Culture and Nature, an interdisciplinary electronic journal
dedicated to the study of art and the environment, is seeking papers dealing
with various aspects of the intersection between visual culture and issues
of sustainability. CO-GEN will be available free online.

Possible topics include:

-contemporary artists who deal with environmental themes in their work
(profile, exhibition review)

-sustainability issues in related fields such as design, architecture, city
planning, theatre and fashion

-discussions surrounding the history, theory and politics of incorporating
issues of environmental sustainability into the realm of visual culture

Papers can be submitted from September 15, 2003. Each paper submitted must
include at least 2 images. The second issue will be posted in
October/November 2003. Please submit papers via email to:
<mailto:submissions at publicnature.com>submissions at publicnature.com. 
For submission guidelines see
deadline is October 10th 2003.


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