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:: Greenpepper Magazine :: Information Issue :: Call for Contributors ::

GREENPEPPER is an Amsterdam-based environmental and social justice
magazine focusing on direct and autonomist action.

To co-incide with the World Summit on the Information Society to be held
in Switzerland in December 2003, the theme of the next issue of the
magazine is INFORMATION.

GREENPEPPER is currently looking for contributions for the INFORMATION
issue.  Topics to be explored include (but are not limited to) information
control and autonomy, participatory / community / pirate media, wireless
and opensource media tools, disinformation and public relations, regimes
of biotechnology, intellectual property and surveilance and the tactics of
resistance against them.  For more ideas on possible contributions, see
the draft structure included below.

Contributions can be written text (800 - 1800 wds) or other visual/print
media and must be sent to us by 31 October 2003.  More importantly,
contributions should be critical, generative of different ways of thinking
about these issues, and relevant to those engaged in political and
cultural struggles around information and social justice.

For more information or to send contributions contact gpinfo at riseup.net.
If youd like to send us a contribution, please email a brief (50  100w)
description or synopsis to us by 14 October 2003.  To find out more about
GREENPEPPER go to http://squat.net/cia/gp/greenpepper

:: draft structure for greenpepper information issue :: ideas for possible
contributions ::


- introductory overview of wsis : neo-liberal trade agenda / countersummit
/ communication rights

- piracy : specific articles/interviews/case studies about information
piracy /  reasons for piracy / response by state or regulatory bodies.

- informational autonomy : what it means / what types of information
it includes / how and why this approach to information goes beyond the
discourse of  'communication rights' and civil society' / importance of
informational autonomy as sites of cultural/political struggle.

- community/micro media resistance : self-organised community experiments
in media practice / specific examples exploring how informational autonomy
might work.


- biotech and infotech : connections between the parallel development of
biotechnology and information technology / why contesting science and
creating resistant practices in this area is important for information

- biopiracy and bioinformatics : what are they / international networks of
biotrade / enclosure of the genetic commons / current and future
developments in this field / possibilities for resistance.

- biotech and intellectual property : international developments in
genecode patenting and intellectual property regimes.


- institutional disinformation : case study on recent war on iraq / role
of international intelligence in disinfo / scope for alternative
information channels

- radio : the importance of the medium / specific pirate / self-organised
/ internet radio experiments / methods of circumventing legal regimes /
practical d.i.y information about small scale transmitting

- public relations and the production of knowledge : how PR works / the
ways activists can identify and expose pR practices in their struggles.

- structures of participation : specific experiments that challenge and
broaden the scope of participatory media / ways of making different fields
(organic, financial, scientific etc) readable as information by different
groups of people.

- wireless networks : developments in wireless networking / why wireless
is important / practical 'how to' information for groups on how to set
wireless networks up and use them.

- opensource tools : free opensource media tools that can be used by
different groups for political practice / appropriation of opensource by
infotech corporations /


- data bodies : the concept of electronic bodies / importance of data body

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