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Impakt Festival 2003

3 to 9 June
Centraal Museum Utrecht

"It's happening again"
Fashion Music Politics

Please find below an introduction to the program of the Impakt Festival 2003.
More information is available on our website: www.impakt.nl
Over the upcoming weeks the website will be constantly up-dated.
Foreign professionals can get accreditation to the festival.
You can send a request for this to: hospitality at impakt.nl

Kind Regards,

Arjon Dunnewind,
Festival Director.


Impakt Festival 2003

Art is manifesting itself again; whether on the dance floor, the
catwalk or in the political arena. By means of collaborations and
interventions an increasing number of young artists present
themselves on different platforms. The content may vary from highly
serious activism to light entertainment, but there is always the urge
to come to the fore and put things into motion. Music, Fashion and
Politics are the three spearheads of Impakt 2003. These areas are at
the center of attention in the visual arts. Moreover, these areas
show an increasing number of overlap and interrelation. Music with a
message, artistic interventions on political platforms and fashion as
a means to establish one's identity and determine social and
political positions.

The central element in "It's happening again" Fashion Music Politics
is the exhibition. The exhibition features work by more well-known
artists such as Erwin Wurm, but also work of surprising newcomers
such as Assume Vivid Astro Focus. The projects contained in the
exhibition display the artists' visions on Music, Fashion and
Politics. In addition to the exhibition, Impakt invited various guest
curators to compile programs within the context of  "It's happening
again" Fashion Music Politics. The German curator and filmmaker
Florian Wüst will present a film program that exposes the views of
artists on phenomena such as war and political conflict in an
alternative manner. In "Blatant Plagiarism" Derek Holzer shows how
artists deal with new legislation on 'sampling' and 'copyrights' and
how they oppose the domineering influence of trade and commerce. "Pax
Americana", a series of programs compiled by Ed Marszewski,
demonstrates how art, protest and a sense of humor come together in
the 'lo-fi' videos of American media activists. Finally, Theo
Tegelaers compiled the program "My mind is your emotions" featuring
installations and concerts of artists working on the fringe of visual
art and music.

Next to "It's happening again" Fashion Music Politics, the Impakt
Festival will, just as in previous editions, feature an overview of
the most remarkable films and videos of the past year within the
Panorama program. Moreover, special attention will be paid to the
work of filmmaker Mike Hoolboom in a film retrospective. Finally,
Stan Brakhage, the recently deceased godfather of experimental film,
will be honored with an In Memoriam program.

For more information see: www.impakt.nl

Impakt Festival
P.O. Box 735
3500 AS  Utrecht
The Netherlands

Tel.: + 31 30 2944493
Fax.: + 31 30 2944163


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