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the banff centre

Image: Still from Chinaman’s Peak by Paul Wong, 1992, photo by Monte 

Intra-nation: thematic residency in Media and Visual Arts at The Banff Centre

An opportunity for up to 40 artists, writers, curators, and critics

Residency dates:
April 12 to July 2, 2004
(in two blocks)

Block 1: April 12 to May 21, 2004; 20 artists - new media projects welcome

Block 2: May 24 to July 2, 2004; 20 artists - no technical resources for 
new media projects available

Application deadline: Postmarked by June 1, 2003 Notification date: 
September, 2003

While relations between distinct nation-states are still at the forefront 
of global discussions, of growing concern and relevance are the multiple 
and fractured forms of national relationships occurring within supposedly 
unified nations. Discussions of self-government, sovereignty, and 
separatism are at once giving rise to types of empowerment for subjugated 
groups while bringing into crisis the entire notion of the nation-state as 
an independent jurisdiction unencumbered by geo-political forces. Questions 
of the intranational – the very politics of nations within nations – are 
being played out on intranational stages, usually with no small degree of 
conflict, and often with attendant implicit and explicit violence. 
Intranation will bring together a diverse group of artists who inhabit, 
discuss, critique, and articulate this nation-within-nation sensibility. 
Their practices may address: identity-based politics around race, 
ethnicity, language, region, and sexuality; war and technology and their 
often disturbing intersections with art; Indigenous sovereignty issues in 
different regional contexts; and other elements or aspects of intranational 
concern. Invited artists will be encouraged to participate in a variety of 
cross-over strategies – disciplinary, political, geographical – with the 
intent of forging new alliances and modes of communication between 
different intranational groups.

Residency Coordinator:
Ashok Mathur

Peer Advisors:
Paul Wong (Block 1, April 12 to May 21)
Shirley Bear (Block 2, May 24 to July 2)

The Media and Visual Arts Department at The Banff Centre, Canada, seeks 
proposals for projects demonstrating imaginative approaches to content, 
form, and material concerns or proficiency. See The Banff Centre website 
for details, criteria, and application guidelines. Financial aid is available.

About Creative Residencies
Creative residencies offer artists a unique opportunity to explore, expand, 
and develop their practice within various studio environments. Residencies 
also facilitate theoretical and intellectual growth through peer groups, 
lectures and peer mentors, and provide access to the tools and support 
needed to nurture the creative process. Residency programs provide access 
to emerging and established technologies in ceramics, painting, 
performance, photography, print media, paper making, sculpture, textiles, 
new media, and video. For Intra-nation, projects with new media, web-based 
and video requirements will only be considered for the first block, April 
12 to May 21, 2004.

Information and application
For more information and on-line applications visit the Media and Visual 
Arts website at: 

Also contact
Trevor Mahovsky
Program Manager, Visual Arts
The Banff Centre
PO Box 1020, Station 40
Banff, Alberta
T1L 1H5
trevor_mahovsky at banffcentre.ca

Anthony Kiendl, Director, Visual Arts and Walter Phillips Gallery, and the 
Banff International Curatorial Institute
Sara Diamond, Artistic Director/Executive Producer, Media and Visual Arts 
and Banff New Media Institute

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