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Henkel Arts Prize for Photography in Central and Eastern Europe
Application deadline: 31 August 2003

Henkel Central Eastern Europe (Henkel CEE) is inviting applications for =
the second annual Henkel Arts Prize for the Central and Eastern European =
region. This arts prize, endowed with the sum of 5000 Euro, is designed =
to improve the understanding of the CEE geographical and cultural =
region, as well as contribute to the process of European integration. In =
support of young aspiring artists, Henkel is additionally awarding a =
Young Artists Prize, with a monetary award of 1500 Euro. This will be =
granted to participants of KulturKontakt Austria's"Artists-in-Residence" =
programme.A central objective of the Henkel Arts Prize, initiated by =
Henkel Central Eastern Europe and dedicated in 2003 to the field of =
photography, is to raise awareness of the Central and Eastern European =
cultural area. Henkel CEE has successfully persuaded KulturKontakt =
Austria to be a partner in this project. For more than ten years, =
KulturKont! akt Austria has been managing arts projects in Central and =
Eastern Europe.Each year, it invites applicants from Eastern European =
countries to take part in its "Artists-in-Residence" programme.
Interface For Central and Eastern Europe
Based in Vienna, Henkel CEE has established itself within the world-wide =
Henkel Group as the regional headquarters for Central and Eastern =
Europe. Henkel's success story in Central and Eastern Europe began in =
1984 with the company's first pilot export project from Austria to the =
east. Since the founding of its first subsidiary in Hungary in 1987, =
Henkel has set up 50 other companies in Central and Eastern Europe. The =
company has invested more than 174 million Euro to date in order to =
expand its business operations in these emerging markets.
Today Henkel CEE is the third largest company within the world-wide =
Henkel Group (surpassed only by Germany and the U.S.A.), and is =
responsible for the markets in 18 countries with a total of nearly 350 =
million inhabitants. In addition to Austria, these are: Belorussia, =
Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, =
Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia and =
Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Ukraine. Henkel CEE employs a =
total of 7200 people. In 2002, the company achieved revenues of 818 =
million Euro.
"Artists-in-Residence" programme of KulturKontakt Austria
KulturKontakt Austria's "Artists-in-Residence" programme provides for a =
stay of three months in Vienna, including the studio, accommodation, =
insurance, a monthly grant of Euro 900,-, a one-time subsidy for =
materials as well as an exhibition of the artist's work at the end of =
the three-months period.
Two studios for the fine arts and one for photography are available. =
Artists from the "countries in transition" in Central, Eastern and =
South-eastern Europe are eligible to apply. The prize winners will be =
selected by an international jury.
The application should include:
- a curriculum vitae and documentation of artistic development (in =
English or German)
- examples of work in the form of photos, slides, folders and/or =
catalogues (maximum size: A3)
Application material which has been submitted will be returned to the =
owners after the selection process by the jury. Oversized work will not =
be accepted.
More information: kultur at kulturkontakt.or.at=20
+43-1-523 87 65 ext. 43=20

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