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Wednesday 26 February until Sunday 9 March, closed on Monday.
Open from: 11:00 - 20:00 hrs.
Location: Pakhuis Las Palmas, Wilhelminakade 66-68 (Kop van Zuid),
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Opening: Tuesday 25 February 18:30 - 21:00 hrs.

Admission: 7,- euro
Discount (student, cjp, RotterdamPas, 65+) 5,- euro
Entrance opening: free

The exhibition is part of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival  =91DEAF03 Data
Knitting=92, organized by V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media (25 Februar=
- 9 March 2003 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands).

DEAF03=92s exhibition presents recent, mostly interactive art that addresse=
the role and meaning of information in our knowledge based society in an
inventive, confronting, but at the same time witty manner. DEAF03=92s runni=
theme is the use of archives and databases, where information is viewed in
its wider sense as a building block for our knowledge and view of the
world. As individuals we are being bombarded with streams of information
that should provide us with knowledge but which are often so =91out of
control=92 that they tend to confuse rather than enlighten us.
Visitors to the exhibition can interact with these artworks at several
levels by changing and manipulating them. In this way they can use the
databases and archives these artworks deploy, to generate experiences and
images of a world that is forcing itself upon us as increasingly complex
and global, but which at the same time is more and more local.

The presented installations are:

=91Pockets full of Memories=92, George Legrady (H) - 2001
=91Synthia=92, Lynn Hershman (USA) - 2002
=91PoliceState=92, Jonah Brucker-Cohen (USA), in samenwerking met RSG - 200=
=91Erotogod=92, Stahl Stenslie, Asbj=F8rn Fl=F8, Knut Skagen en Trond Lossi=
us (N) -
=91Nybble-Engine-Toolz=92, Margarete Jahrmann en Max Moswitzer (A) - 2003
=91Poetry Machine 2.0=92, David Link (D) - 2002
=91100.000 STRATEN=92, Geert Mul (NL) - 2002
=91PainStation=92, Volker Morawe en Tillman Reiff (D) - 2001
=91Soft Cinema=92, Lev Manovich (RUS/USA) - 2002
=91Agent Ruby.com=92, Lynn Hershman (USA) - 1990 - 2002 <www.agentruby.com>
=91Zgodlocator=92, Herwig Weiser (A) - 1998 - 2002
=91Phonic Frequencies=92, Tam=E1s Szak=E1l (H), in samenwerking met MARS
Exploratory Media Lab -  2002
=91Web of Life=92, Jeffrey Shaw (AUS/D) - 2002 <www.web-of-life.de>
=91World Processor=92, Ingo G=FCnther (D)  -1988 - 2003 <worldprocessor.com=
=91They Rule=92, Josh On & Futurefarmers (NZ) - 2001< www.theyrule.net>
=91Code Zebra=92, Sara Diamond en Code Zebra inc. (CDN), een =91European Cu=
2000=92 programma.
=91East by West=92, Sher Doruff (USA/NL), Johannes Birringer (D/USA), Orm
Finnendahl (D) en Arjen Keesmaat (NL) - 2002, een =91European Culture 2000=
=91Exactitudes=92, Ari Versluis en Ellie Uyttenbroek (NL)
=91Arena=92, Atelier van Lieshout (NL) - 2003
=91Can You See Me Now?=92, Blast Theory (GB) - 2001
=91Globe Jungle Project=92, Yasuhiro Suzuki (J) - 2001

More information about the festival program, associated programs and
coproductions can be found on =91DEAF03 Online=92: http://deaf.v2.nl. =91DE=
Online=92 offers the possibility to view the festival online and to
participate in various festival activities.

For educational programs and/or guided tours during DEAF03 please contact
Valentijn Webbers, valentijn@v2.nl or +31 (0)10 750 15 18