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1) Winners of the "Art of the Narrative" Commisssion

2) Call for Proposals: "Out of the Box [Net.Art and the 'Real World']" 

1) Winners of the "Art of the Narrative" Commisssion

Launch Date: April 1, 2003

---Ramesh Srinivasan: "Village Voice"
---Tamar Schori: "Beadgee"

Impakt Online is proud to announce the the two winners of the latest 
net.art theme, "Art of the Narrative". This theme was chosen to reflect on 
the new ways in which the internet can be used to tell stories, use 
language and change perceptions. These projects will be launched on the 
Impakt website April 1.

Ramesh Srinivasan's "Village Voice" is an online video database filled with 
stories from the Somali refugee community of Boston, Massachusetts. The 
stories can be accessed by various themes, including government & legality, 
beliefs & religion, cultural adaptation and traditional customs. Far from 
being an ethnographical survey, "Village Voice" allows these Somalis to 
speak for themselves, in their own language, about their transition into a 
new society.

Tamar Schori's "Beadgee" is a whimsical project taking its inspiration from 
a series of drawings made by Alexander Calder for a collection of 19th 
Century nursery rhymes entitled "Three Young Rats and other ryhmes". Schori 
has created a new library of drawings, which can be exploded and rearranged 
by the user. Rearranging the drawings also rearranges the nursery rhymes, 
and a strange language game ensues. Users will also have to opportunity to 
enter both their rearranged drawings and new words and phrases into the 
database for others to play with.

2) Call for Proposals: "Out of the Box [Net.Art and the 'Real World']"

Deadline: April 1, 2003

No longer content with pure formalism and self-referentiality, and 
unwilling to be dismissed into the simple catagory of "graphic design", 
net.art is redefining itself in the realm of social critique and 
commentary. The old elements of hyperlink, the embedded images and sounds, 
the database and the live stream all remain in place, as do the digital 
pranks, parasitic spoofs and deliberate 'errors' which gave early net.art 
its timeliness and humour. Their scope, however, has been refocused and 
their use redefined in recent years to a razor-sharp critique of 
technological "progress", globalization, and the ever-present machinery of 
surveillance and control which the internet has helped to usher in.

Working from this position, the "Out of the Box" theme for the Impakt 
Online seeks to examine how technology and the internet manifest themselves 
on the human level by asking such questions as;  where do such on-line 
concepts as navigation, avatar, or algorithm find their place in the "real 
world" outside the computer? And, similarly, how can such physical 
activities such as performance, protest, or love maintain their "real-ness" 
in a virtual environment? In short, we seek the point where real life 
affects the internet,and (more importantly) where the internet affects real 

Impakt will commission two projects for this theme. The accepted 
commissions for this project will be invited to produce a hybrid project 
involving a website and a live, "real-world" intervention [performance, 
action, prank, interface, etc] which will take place during the Impakt 
Festival this coming spring, between June 3 and 10. Depending on the 
submissions we receive, we may invite the accepted artists to collaborate 
on a single project.

Because this is a commission for new works, previously exhibited projects 
will be immediately disqualified. However, as we realize the timeframe is 
somewhat short, we are happy to support projects already under development 
with an eye towards their premiere at the Impakt Festival 2003. Applicants 
are urged to submit their proposals early so that the editorial team has a 
chance to go over them and contact with artist with questions and suggestions.

Final Deadline: April 1, 2003
Launch: June, 2003

*Proposals must be written in English, and the project accessible to an 
English-speaking audience
*They should include a project description:
---description of content
---technical implementation
---time line
---relation to the theme
*They should also include an artist[s] biography:
---short CV
---documentation + URLs of previous projects
*Previously exhibited projects will be immediately disqualified

Impakt will provide webhosting for the project for 1 year, and pay a fee to 
the accepted artist[s] of EURO 1000. The winning commission[s] will also be 
invited to submit a budget for the live event which will take place during 
the festival.

Address for submissions:


PO Box 735
3500 AS Utrecht
The Netherlands