[artinfo] Exhibition of Hajnal Németh in Galerija Balen

Galerija Balen info at galerijabalen.net
Thu Dec 11 16:03:34 CET 2003

Galerija Balen, Slavonski Brod
is delighted to present:

Hajnal Németh
'Bar 24'

12 December - 31 December 2003
Opening: 7.30 pm Friday 12 December

Curators: Maja and Reuben Fowkes

Hungarian artist Hajnal Németh on this occasion exhibits in Croatia for the
first time, presenting recent video works and distinctive digital prints. In
her work not only are we confronted with the DJ's method of sampling images
from everyday life and remixing them in new constallations, there are also
direct references to club culture. Her video works are without narration,
and contain alternating allusions to fashion, contemporary music, design,
gender relations, privacy, and religious mysticism. Her digital prints
involve the multiplication of various motifs, including images from her
videos, abstract designs, computer animation, parts of the body...which are
deployed to create new patterns, which can then be multiplied further. The
works of Hajnal Németh are psychologically intriguing, disconcerting and
highly appealing.

Galerija Balen, Starčevićeva 40, Slavonski Brod. Tel: 035 448 403, fax/tel:
035 22 11 08 www.galerijabalen.net info at galerijabalen.net

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