[artinfo] post graduate study choreography/ new media amsterdam

Scott deLahunta sdela at ahk.nl
Mon Dec 1 01:43:04 CET 2003


Established in 2002, Dance Unlimited (DU) Amsterdam is a unique two-year
post-graduate program supporting the practical and theoretical study of
the relationship between choreography, performance, and new media/
emerging technologies.

The program takes as its starting point the development of strong and
sophisticated choreographic work from which to extend and test the
boundaries of choreographic practice, application and thought. New
media/emerging technologies are approached from this perspective with an
emphasis on representation and perception of the body in physical and
mediated spaces. Theoretical and critical reflection is used as a means to
challenge  and support the practical work.

The program combines traditional and innovative approaches including
lectures, training sessions and workshops, individual study and
peer-to-peer contexts for discussion and debate, the development of
documentation strategies and practical studio based research.


The program is ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS NOW for September 2004. The
application Deadline is 15 January 2004.

For a more detailed description including the core methodology, staff
biographies, information about training and facilities, eligibility and
submission information and a sampling of student activities in 2002-2003:


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