[artinfo] (fwd) Wilno -Nueva York project

Janos Sugar sj at c3.hu
Tue Aug 12 16:36:42 CEST 2003

Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 14:37:04 GMT
Subject: Call for 24/7 news

i am glad to inform you that we are planning a publication of 24/7: Wilno -
Nueva York project, which is going to take place at the contemporary art
centre, vilnius www.cac.lt this fall. it's going to be a black & white
newspaper in two editions, the early and the late one. since it is based on
open source publishing and self-regulation, your contribution is crucial to
both of them.

hence we would like to ask you to SEND US SOME NEWS to be published in the 
newspaper. the deadline for submission is august 15.

your news are welcome both in text (varying from a single headline to
interview to an article to [...] and image format (jpegs or tiff). please
send them to virginija januskeviciute, the curator of the cac vilnius, at
virginija at cac.lt, tel. + 370 5 2609531, fax + 370 5 2623954. please note
that the 24/7 newspaper will be published with a considerable delay of your
transmission (up to one month), thus escaping the real time and possibly
leaping into unreal one, where things happen live, but in different speeds
and not at the same time.

we would be also very happy if you could consider thinking about the
structure and distribution of the 24/7 newspaper itself: what sections it
should contain, what topics convey, how the information should be displayed,
what should be the ways of its distribution? maybe you would even like to
suggest the title of the newspaper? our aim is to make this newspaper into a
collective experiment of publishing.

if you would like to learn more about 24/7: Wilno - Nueva York project,
please go to http://www.discordia.us, where the open concept of the project
is posted at http://www.discordia.us/scoop/special/eadobbs/?eaid=37 (there's
lots of room for your comments and remixes of the concept), or simply visit
the contemporary art centre, vilnius at http://www.cac.lt.

the very basics of the publication are the following: the early edition of
the 24/7 newspaper is going to be published for the opening of the 24/7
exhibition 12th september at the contemporary art centre, vilnius. it will
contain program of events, information about its participants and their
projects as well as everyones contribution to the news section (not to
forget special projects you might propose.) the late one will be published
after the show. it's going to focus more on what has happened in the course
of the project. both newspapers will be distributed via vilnius cac mailing
list as well as at the exhibition itself.

please forward this message to anyone whom you consider a good source of

looking forward to hear from you. on behalf of 24/7 organisers.



     virginija januskeviciute
     contemporary art centre, vilnius
     tel. +37052609531, mob +37065270113

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