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Version 002.1x532

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Version 002.1x532 of criticalartware pairs interviews with:

(.sMH) Sherry Miller Hocking of the Experimental Television Center 
(http://www.experimentaltvcenter.org) and Project Director of the 
Video History Project (http://www.experimentaltvcenter.org/history/)


(.pL) Peter Luining of L-Foundation (http://www.lfoundation.org) and 
ctrlaltdel (http://www.ctrlaltdel.org)


in order to open discourses on artist-built systems and toolsets, 
historical moments, live audio-visual work and experimental 

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"The Experimental Television Center was founded in 1971, an outgrowth 
of a media access program established by Ralph Hocking at Binghamton 
University in 1969."

Sherry Miller Hocking is the Assistant Director of the Experimental 
Television Center. The Center acheives its' primary mission "to 
support the creation of work using new electronic media technologies, 
by providing space and time to artists for personal, self-directed 
creative investigations" through its' residency program. From the 
Center's first artist in residence, Nam June Paik, to the most recent 
artists, ETC has operated for over 30 years, committed to supporting 
and fostering work in an exceptional environment dedicated to 
experimentation and the development of artist-built tools and systems.
Sherry Miller Hocking has worked with the Center from the second year 
of its' operation. As Assistant Director of the Center, she has 
worked on and organized conferences, screenings, exhibitions and 
events, from those that defined the initial possibilities, 
constraints and dimensions of early Video Art to more recent 
reflective efforts such as the Video History: Making Connections 
conference, which she organized with independent preservation 
consultant Mona Jimenez. In addition, she acts as the Project 
Director of the Center's Video History Project, an online resource 
for the documentation, study and preservation of early Video Art. 
This database driven application/platform began in 1994 and invites 
contributions to the protection of endangered or marginalized 
histories and the development of a "dynamic and inclusive" model for 
contemporary media art historicization.

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Peter Luining builds artware and interactive pieces which engage with 
art historical traditions and function as playful tools for the 
performance of live audio-visual media. As the founder of 
L-Foundation and ctrlaltdel.org, he has distributed his artwares, 
click environments, soundengines and audio-visual instruments since 
1995. Working as the curator of the net.art exhibition NetAffects, he 
developed an exhibition which @ a critical time, foregrounded "the 
developments of autonomous work worldwide, with a specific interest 
in the situation in the Netherlands". As an artist and performer, he 
has contributed to the emerging activity of soundengine authoring 
while operating from a position deeply informed by his philosophic, 
aesthetic and conceptual concerns. His background in commercial music 
video direction and VJ culture, has made him especially sensitive to 
and interested in the relationships between perfomers and audiences, 
interfaces and artists and sound and image in responsive systems.

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The criticalartware interviews with Sherry Miller Hocking and Peter 
Luining require Windows Media Player and are available as video 
and/or audio streams for various connection speeds. Internet Explorer 
is the recommended  browser for these resources.

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Version 002.1x532 also introduces new functionality to the 
criticalartware application/platform including a new discourse() 
feature and a traceroute feature which maps recent network activity.

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