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C A R B O N A R T  2 0 0 3
The inexistent space

On the period of 21-28 September 2003, Center for Contemporary Art, 
Chisinau [ksa:k] is
planning to organize the 8-th edition of the Camp of Creation CarbonArt'2003.

Location: Bahmut Camping, Republic of Moldova
Project curator - Lilia Dragneva
Project organizer - Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau [ksa:k], Rep. of 

Project theme:
A trip to "Another Place," where all wishes come true.
An ideal place for existence, work and creation. An inexistent place. 
"Utopia country."
A perfect place, without inexistence. A virtual space. "The City of Sun".

Project concept:
To create for the artist an ideal, optimal place, where he would not be 
dominated by material problems,
by daily concerns of food and shelter, where artists could dedicate 
themselves fully to the process of creation.
The interdependence between the imaginary place, created by the artist's 
own creative fantasy, by the artist
himself, by the specific simulacrum of the "inexistent space."

General idea:
In comparison with the previous editions of Carbonart, whose theme and 
concept were directly dependent on
the place where they were implemented, thus being directly determined by 
the place where they were carried out,
the community of Bahmut has been chosen for this year's summer camp 
arbitrarily, since it is the most convenient
place for the materialization of the concept "an ideal place for creation." 
The Bahmut Camping is located in the
very heart of the Moldovan forest Codru, by the side of a lake, just next 
to the legendary natural reserve Plaiul
Fagului (Beech Land). The camp has all conditions (three meals a day, bar, 
summer houses with running water and
sewerage, summer cinema theater).
At the same time, unlike in the previous edition that was conceived based 
on a refusal of any contemporary technical
means and media in project development, the current edition is 
characterized by a reverse interdependence by which
in a really existent space "virtual generators" will be planted, such as 
computers, TV sets, video and media projectors,
various media installations, etc.
As in previous editions, this project will continue the art-in-nature 
movement. Thus, this time too, the starting point
for creation-besides the general concept-will be the surrounding milieu 
(nature in our case). At the same time, the
artists will be provided with the additional materials they will need: 
video and photo equipment, computers, video and
media projectors and, depending on demand, transportation. Any forms of 
self-expression are welcome: performance,
installations, land art, multi-media pieces, video, photo, etc.
The inexistent place is a virtual place, it's Another Space, in opposition 
with reality, the desert. The specific
geographical determination of the place where it is located is but an 
attempt to create, artificially, an image of
the "inexistent place," that is a simulacrum.
The idea about the place where wishes come true has been as old and as 
viable as man; this idea is contradictory and
attractive, although it does not offer but rather promises the realization 
of all intentions and wishes. This is in
principle the center around which the inner structure and essence of the 
Carbonart 2003 project gravitate.
Artists are given the possibility to carry out projects that could not be 
made outside of Carbonart. At the same time,
communication and creation will take place in an atmosphere freed of the 
problems of material existence, including those
linked to housekeeping, homes, etc.
Despite the multiple nuances of content, the main function of the project 
is reduced to the fact that by pointing to
the desired future it would serve as material support for the description 
of the utopic, imagined state, whose function
it is to be a model for a future social regime (in this case an ideal model 
for artistic creation).

For more detailed info about CarbonArt'2003 project, please, take a look at:

We would be glad to receive names, brief artistic biography of the artists 
who want to participate
in the project as well a brief idea/project concerning the work, which is 
going to be done here.
The Center is going to provide the participants with accommodations, meal 
and materials
(except traveling expenses).
All information should be sent by e-mail to the Center for Contemporary 
Art, Chisinau, as soon as possible,
but not later than by August 25, 2003.
For additional information, please, don't hesitate to contact us.
Centrul pentru Arta Contemporana, Chisinau, [ksa:k]
Str. Independentei 1 , Chisinau 2043 Moldova
Phone: + 373 2 772507
E-mail: ksak.info at mail.md

All the best,
Lilia Dragneva

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