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Seeburger Chaussee 2, Haus 5, D 14476 Groß Glienicke, Tel:+49 (0)33 201-44756, Fax: 44759
                                                                      Email: office at atelierhaus-panzerhalle.de


Place of Event: Atelierhaus Panzerhalle, Seeburger Chaussee 2, 
D - 14476 Groß Glienicke

Exhibition Hall of approx. 500 sq. meters exhibiting space

The art society Atelierhaus Panzerhalle Groß Glienicke e.V. invites artists from the European Union countries, as well as from those countries applying for membership and Switzerland to participate in the art exhibition:

"Blue Hall - Market Place Europe"
(just Bananas)

The title refers to a changing Europe, with its blue flag and its multiplying yellow stars. In times of free trade after World War 2 in western Europe and after the economic transformation due to Perestroika in eastern Europe, the banana became a metaphor for increasing economic prosperity. Questions of identity, economy, judical systems and tense relationships in politics and the cultural world are to be artistically dealt with.

The artistic work takes the place of the banana. Here, the banana box "transports" the idea of, as well as being the real packaging and means of transport for the art piece. The banana box will also be a base in the exhibition.

The art piece can be 2 or 3 dimensional. It can be unpacked and installed on the floorspace around its packaging. The choice of materials / media is open and all artistic disciplines are allowed. A maximum length of 4,50 meters is allowed for hanging art pieces. A banana box with its artistic content, no heavier than a maximum weight of 10 kilograms can be submitted. It can be either sent per mail or delivered directly to the Panzerhalle in Potsdam. 

Exhibition: September/October 2003

Participating Artists:
60 Artists of the European Union countries (except for Germany), as well as from those countries applying for membership and Switzerland. Their place of residence can be within or outside of Germany.
Application and Selection:
The application requires the artist to submitt: an artistic concept, a precise visualisation of the idea (size: DIN A 4 ), his/her art-biography and photo material of his/her art work
(catalogues, etc.).
For the return of the application material please include correct postage fees, ie. stamps.

Application due date: 20th of May 2003 

After being accepted by the jury and after the completion of the art piece

Delivery due date: 20th of August 2003

The organizer will cover the freight costs of the art piece (Banana box).

A designated jury for this exhibition will choose the participating artists.
Legal objection cannot be raised. 

The art pieces are insured during the exhibition.

At the conclusion of the exhibition a catalogue in both the German and English languages will be presented, in which the exhibition and its contributing aspects 
are documented.
The Panzerhalle reserves the right to use the submitted art pieces for the catalogue and for public relation / press coverage without monetary obligations to the artists.

Further Exhibitions:
The exhibition is intended to be shown in other European countries.

To the history of the Panzerhalle:
The Panzerhalle is a part of a former military barracks, which was built in the early 30's during the Weimar Republic, expanded during the Nazi period, used after the 2nd World War as a NVA border-controll barracks for the GDR, used shortly by the German army after the German re-unification and since 1992 is managed by the State Development Association and the Berlin Home Building Association GEWOBAG.
At the south-east end of the area is the Atelierhaus Panzerhalle, which in 1995 founded and funded from the state of Brandenburg and was initated as an art pilot project to promote artistic exchange in the region. Today 21 artists from Berlin and Brandenburg are working in the Panzerhalle. With the support of its art society the Atelierhaus organizes international exhibitions, symposiums and artists exchange with catalogues such as FOOTSTEPS, symposium and exhibition with Scottish artists, and in 2000 the symposium MEMORY AND VISIONS, an Isreal / German art exchange with a concluding exhibition, in 2001 the exhibition "TRAUTES HEIM" and in 2002 "SCULPTURE PURE" and "WOMEN IN ARMS".

office: Tuesday - Friday: 11a.m. - 2 p.m.
Förderverein Atelierhaus Panzerhalle Groß Glienicke e.V., Vorstand Bettina Schilling (Vors), Lothar Seruset
                Brandenburgische Sparkasse Potsdam, Zweigstelle Groß Glienicke, Kto. Nr.35 36 000 281, BLZ 160 50000


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