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Last Call for Entries - Deadline: 30th April 2003:
7th festival garage 25th July - 16th August 2003 in Stralsund / Germany
n o  c o n c e p t  -  a description of conditions

Everything is possible, everything is open, everything can be done, nothing
is clearly defined.

With the apparently permanent expansion of the individual room for action
different modes of behaviour develop in dealing with the existing social and
cultural structures.

Pragmatism on one side, purposeful acting, reduced to the necessary and
practically useful, a striving for order and security. Inability to act on
the other side, resulting from a growing feeling of blurredness, of
insecurity and disorientation.

Social vacuum? Malfunction of the system? "...instability as the normal
state?" Trial and Error as the future strategy? Insecurity as a creative
force, accident as a generative mechanism? What is normality, what is
defined as normal?

garage 03 is searching for artists' positions, comments and strategies on
the topic insecurity and disorientation. Send us your proposals for
presentations, installations, performances and projects, offline or online
as well as papers and workshops.
It is possible to submit already realised projects or concepts for projects,
which are to be developed for the festival topic and/or to be realised
during the festival.

additional focus relating to the topic:

- 5.1 Dolby Surround
(5.1 and other room sound systems as a new instrument or an extension in
both musical and narrative sense)

- psycho accoustics
(manipulation, disturbances, infrasound, oscillation, vibration, sonic
phenomenons and sounds felt by the body, manipulations of spatial

- mobile devices
(artisitic projects that use today's widely used mobile devices like mobile
phones, pdas, gps...)

Deadline: 30th April 2003 application forms and info:

all proposals should be submitted to:

garage c/o Stabenow
Husemannstr. 12
10435 Berlin Germany

T +49 (0) 30 441 20 15
F +49 (0) 30 44357415
info at garage-g.de

garage is platform for art and culture. It is situated in the midst of the
silo area in Stralsund's old port and understands itself as a
non-commercial, temporally limited space for the support of
interdisciplinary and individual projects with a focus on art, film and


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