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UNXposed Moderator SAIZ@azar.ms
Sat, 28 Sep 2002 16:51:00 +0200

|Givre et pixels | is a set of interactive on-line works that explore
possible emotional relationships between the =93webtator=94 and digital=
This virtual space seeks to generate a glacial environment where the works
elicit a physical response from the =93webtator,=94 despite the system=
Works will be selected by an artistic committee and the project will be
launched in Montreal on December 5, 2002, as part of Les Hivernales, a media
arts event. Artist fee will be paid

Deadline | October 1, 2002
Opening | December 5, 2002
Type of works | On-line
Are welcome | Emerging | international artists
Duration of project | Six months

Submission: arianedeblois@videotron.ca
info: info@perte-de-signal.org

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