[artinfo] Going Underground - Call for Entries

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Sun, 06 Oct 2002 16:24:32 +0200

Call for Entries

Berliner Fenster & interfilm Berlin present:

=E2=80=9CGoing Underground 2=E2=80=9D

2nd  International Short Film Festival in the Berlin Subway

31.Jan.-06.Feb. 2003

In the week of the festival 14 ShortFilms will be shown

on the monitors in the Berlin Subway Trains.

The passengers will be the jury.

The winners of the Going Underground Awards  will be rewarded with:

1.         Prize  4000,- =E2=82=AC

2.         Prize  2500, -=E2=82=AC

3.         Prize  1500,- =E2=82=AC

Films for competition may be no longer than 90 sec.

The may be silent and free of extreme violent or obsecene content.

Application Deadline is the 13th December 2002.

Reglement & Application see attachment or www.interfilm.de