[artinfo] Energia Klub: call for artists

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Sat, 25 May 2002 22:38:35 +0200

Over the last few years the media has been filled with images of the so=20
called 'anti globalisation' demonstrations, where the colour, the music and=
the theatre has added an extra dimension to the protests of=20
environmentalists, human rights and social justice organisations in their=20
struggle for a fairer world.  Street theatre, giant puppets, sculptures,=20
banners, jugglers and stilt walkers have helped to both carry the messages=
and attract media attention, as well as make protest a more vibrant and=20
empowering tool in the global justice movement.

Artists, amateur and professional, have shown that they have a vital=20
contribution to make through their skills in translating ideas into visual=
images which have a deep effect on public consciousness. Those who went to=
Prague for the demonstrations against the World Bank IMF annual meeting in=
2000, will remember
=B7	the 5 metre wide rolling Planet Earth which led the blue march;
=B7	the Pink Samba band with their waving wands and their rhythmic music,=20
which led the pink and silver march to the doors of the conference centre;
=B7	the massive bouncing balls of the yellow march with their situationist=
inspired messages, which gave frivolity during the long hours in the stand=
-off at the bridge, as protestors in foam body suits faced tanks and riot=20
police opposite
=B7	the giant waving puppets with IMF and WB written on their suits, their=
massive hands grabbing all they can get

The list goes on. A look at any independent media site (start with=20
www.indymedia.org) will provide a thousand more images.

The Energy Club would like to invite local art-activists to add their=20
talents to the global justice movement in preparation for the World Bank=20
'Extractive Industries Review' being held in Budapest from the 18th to the=
22nd of June 2002. We want to press home the message that the World Bank's=
political and economic ideology is weakening democracies, causing social=20
injustice and destroying the environment, and their support for the oil and=
mining industry must end. World Bank out of oil and mining is the message.=
Globalise social and environmental justice is the aim.

We ask artists to submit proposals for street activities, theatre,=20
installations, puppets, costumes, banners. On the basis of the applications=
the Energy Club will provide materials and space for the creation of the=20
works. While it is hoped that the artists will see themselves as part of=20
the movement and freely give their time, a certain level of financial=20
support may also be available.

Final proposals Friday 31st May , above address
Completed work, 15  June
Sorry for the tight timing!

Looking forward to the ideas flowing in!

Tracey Wheatley,
Energy Club