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Kiss-Pál Szabolcs kspal@aramszu.net
Fri, 3 May 2002 15:35:59 +0100 (MET DST)

May 15, 2002 International Competition, Juror: Prof. DONALD KUSPIT,
distinguished art critic,author,Professor of Art History and
Philosophy at Stony Brook Univ. AWARDS: group show,$1,000 cash award,
and internet exposure to the best work in the show. NO
COMMISSION. (The gallery director will also review the slides, and up
to 10 more artists will be selected for future gallery shows and/or
possible inclusion in the gallery stable). All media, $25/3 slides, $5
for each additional slide. Send an SASE for a prospectus to: ALPAN
Gallery, 2 West Carver St, P.O. BOX 4319, Huntington NY 11743 OR
download it from www.alpangallery.com
May 17, 2002 Visual Artists Wanted For Projects: all media artists
wanted to create interactive work of Public Art for Street
Festival. Work must be designed around public participation, interest
and entertainment. Send project proposal, budget and ten (10) slides
to: Attn: Festival also Asian artists living in New Jersey wanted for
community projects, all media. Please respond immediately with ten
(10) slides,resume and artist statement/bio to Attn: Community. Prefer
but not necessary,artists with strong community
connection. Honorariums commensurate with scope of project. Deadline
May 17. All materials should be sent to: SUMEI MULTIDISIPLINARY ARTS
CENTER, 19 Liberty St, Newark NJ 07102
COMPETITION/EXHIBITION.  Slide deadline June 31st, 2002. Entry fee:
$25/4 slides, $5 each additional slide. Juror: Nathan Lyons, Artist
and Founder of Visual Studies Workshop $2750 in cash
awards. Exhibition October 2001. Download prospectus at:
scponline.org/currentworks.html or send SASE to: Kathy Aron, SCP, Box
32284, Kansas City MO 64171
May 31, 2002 SCIENCE EXHIBITIONS Seeking artists working in all media
for exhibitions relating to science, technology, astronomy and the
natural world. Send resume, statement, 10-20 slides and an SASE to:
Curator, Discovery Museum, 4450 Park Av, Bridgeport CT 06604