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Subject: AVANCA Film Festival - deadline: April 26

International Meeting of Cinema, TV, Video and Multimedia

AVANCA'2002 is a space full of images, films, exhibitions, workshops,
conferences, ideas and discussions.
The AVANCA'2002 is a meeting with the whole world.

Inscriptions are free.
Deadline: April 26, 2002

1 - Objectives
The objective is to trace a global perspective of the contemporary features
in cinema, television, video and multimedia.
The Festival will occur from 24 to 28 July.

2 - Conditions of Admission
The works admitted for selection are those produced on January 1st, 2000 or
after and cannot have been screened in Portugal.
Inscription in the following categories are admitted:

- CINEMA: short and feature fiction and animation films in 16 and 35mm and
digital cinematography format.
- VIDEO: videographic production of less than 20 minutes in VHS
(multisystems), DV (PAL system) or BETACAM SP (PAL system).
- MULTIMEDIA: CD-ROMs, DVDs  in each of the following categories:
artistic creation, cultural, children/juvenile and entertainment.
- TELEVISION: documentaries of less than 60 minutes already broadcast by a
television station.

3 - Inscription
The registration fees are free and the candidates should register their work
until April 26, 2002 through a registration form, along with photography of
the film, text or list of the dialogs (in one of the following languages:
Portuguese, English, Spanish or French).
For the selection, each candidate should send a video cassette (VHS
multisystem, DV in PAL system or BETACAM SP on PAL system) a CD-ROM or DVD.
Each cassette should contain only one work.

4 - Selection for Competition
The organisation committee makes the selection and gives notice of its
decision in time to each candidate.

5 - Prizes
A prize will be attributed to the best work of each category: Cinema (short
feature), Cinema (long feature), Television, Video and Multimedia.
Also, prizes to the best Animation, the best Actor/Actress and the best
Photography will be awarded.
As only up to 4 works will be selected in the category of feature films, all
of them will receive a special mention.
The international jury will be composed of fit professionals who will be
invited by the organisation.

6 - Transport and Insurance of Works
The organisation will inform the candidates with selected works and will
give out instructions for the expedition of final copies.
The delivery of the works is of the responsibility of the candidates, as it
is of the organisation's responsibility to return the film copies in 16 and
35 mm and video copies in BETACAM.
The organisation is responsible for the insurance of the copies from their
arrival to their return.

Note: The VHS preview tapes, CD-ROMs or DVDs will not be sent back, for they
will become part of the Museum Archives of the Festival. We guarantee they
will not be used for commercial purposes.
The selected works may be object of non-commercial exhibitions for the
festival's promotion. In this case the organization will always try to send
all the documentation and press cuts to the producers of those works.

7 - Others
The languages of the Festival are Portuguese and English.
Any possible doubt or question that may arise will be clarified or resolved
by the Organisation Committee.


Entry deadline - April 26, 2002

Original title -
English title -
Country of production -
Production year -
Original language -
Subtitles -

Director -
Screenplay -
Photography -
Editing -
Music -
Animation -
Design -
Cast -

Producer -
Producing company -
Address -
City+Post/Zip code -
Phone -
Fax -
E-mail -
WEB site -

World sales agent -
Address -
City+Post/Zip code -
Phone -
Fax -
E-mail -
WEB site -
Insured value of screening print (replacement) -

In which festivals have you participated? -
Awards -

IMPORTANT - Write only in one of these 4 categories:

Running time -
Number of reels -
Fiction:___ Animation:___
Format: 16mm___ 35mm___ digital cinematography___
Exibition copy: 35mm___ Betacam SP Pal___
Sound: Mono      __ Dolby__

Running time -
Format: VHS___ DV (PAL)___ BETACAM SP (PAL)___
Sound: Mono      __ Stereo__

CD-ROM (Windows)__ CD-ROM (MAC)___DVD(video)____
Artistic creation___      Cultural___ Children___ Entertainment___
Technical information -

Running time -
Program or Series title -
Fist screening date -
Broadcast by -
Process: Betacam SP(PAL) ___ DV(PAL) ___
Sound: Mono ___ Stereo ___

Please enclose the following material -
- Copy VHS (or DV, Betacam SP, DVD, CD-ROM)
- 1 still photo + synopsis + dialogues list + curriculum of the director

After the festival (only for 35mm films and BETACAM SP), the print should be
sent back to -
Address -
City+Post/Zip code -
Phone -
Fax -
E-mail -

The participation of the film, video or multimedia  in the festival, implies
the acknowledgement and acceptance of the participating regulations.

Place and Date _______________

Signature -

Cine Clube de Avanca
3860-078 AVANCA
phone - 351.234.884174
fax - 351.234.880658