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Sat, 30 Mar 2002 15:09:19 +0100 (MET DST)

Call for Submissions of performative works and lectures, deadline March 15, 2002.:

Local, national and international artists are invited to submit proposals for performative works and lectures to be presented at institutions and in various public locations in Calgary.  The organizers encourage innovative use of the gallery venues as well as site-specific works, intervetions and lecture / panel ideas.

Performative encompasses the hybridization of performance, spoken word, film, video and sound.
Please include the following:
1.  venue preference and why is is appropriate
2.  a detailed description of your proposed work / lecture
3.  technical needs and assistance required
4.  budget
5.  CV
6.  slides (max. 15), video (cued for max. 10 minutes), film, or any other
documentation of previous / proposed performative works

Send proposals to:
MST Jury
c/o The New Gallery
516D - 9 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
T2P 1L4

DEADLINE:  All proposals must arrive at The New Gallery by March 15, 2002 before 5 pm. Late proposals will not be considered.

The New Gallery will not accept electronic proposals at this time. further info: http://www.nucleus.com/~thenewgallery/

Call for proposals for FUTURE PHYSICAL: ACTIVATE, deadline Feb. 15, 2002.

Stretching technology: a human adventure  OPEN COMMISSIONS: CALL FOR PROPOSALS

Future Physical is a cultural programme exploring the changing boundaries between the virtual and the physical.  On 1-12-2001 Future Physical activated an OPEN CALL for creative works that fit within the theme of Future Physical and its four research strands and activity areas. Research Strands: Bio-Technology, Wearable Computing, Responsive Environments & Eco-Technology Activity Areas: Events Programme, Web Site, Network Exchange Projects & Games Plan

Future Physical welcomes proposals from creative professionals working in arts, culture, science and technology. Independents, organisations and institutions are invited to apply:
CALL FOR PROPOSALS: From 1st December 2001
DEADLINE: 15th February 2002.
Range of awards from £500 - £15000. Amount in fund: £ 100,000
For further details and application form visit:
Future Physical is a cultural programme co-conceived by shinkansen, London and East England Arts, produced by Future Physical Ltd for East England Arts.

Call  for  works  2002
NEW  festival  and presentation  of  audio visual interactive  works.


The  marriage  of  the  visual  to  the  audio  is  increasingly becoming  a  central  issue  in  the  development  of  interactive media  on the  web.  Soundtoys  explores multimedia experiments and the parameters of  our  new media world. 

If  you  work  in  this  area  we  would  like  to  hear  from you. 

Soundtoys is currently seeking
(1) FOR THE ONLINE GALLERY - audio visual work by artists using the internet as a medium.
We are looking for works that explore the use of technology to advance audio visual communication. Works may take the form of art toys, games, generative music, interactive environments, or similar. We are interested in the use of all internet friendly
programming technologies eg shockwave, flash, vrml, java etc.

Audio visual works and interactive art pieces. These must be finished projects, send work in by cdrom.

(3) CALL  FOR  PAPERS  AND  TEXTS - texts by artists, writers, programers, researchers, relating to new media.

The Soundtoys journal area has set out to address the follwing themes.

1. history of interactivity, towards convergence
2. generative arts...the art of code. software art generative  music
3. toys or serious art. aesthetic and philosophy of  new  media.
4. culture versus commercial applications.
5. audio visual synthesis.
6. software for new artistic environments
7. interactivity,technology , networks
8. net art and new media
9. reviews - events, publications, software etc

We are looking for related texts from any interested parties. Please send in your papers.
As well as providing a permanent online home for the content at soundtoys.net , Soundtoys will be taking part and linking with other festivals worldwide. A book and cdrom are also planned.

Zip up your work and send some info about it. Dont forget to include relevant details.ie your name, project title, year created, brief bio, info about the work, and also send the work.

If you would like to contribute....send it in or use the application FORM online.

Zip  up  your  work  and  send  some  info  about  it.
If  you  files  are  too big  but  you  would  like  it  presented  at festival  send  in  a cdrom  version.