[artinfo] megnyito: YANE CALOVSKI & COSMIN POP -Der Dritte Mann und…/ 104 vs.106

Tordai Attila protokoll@mail.dntcj.ro
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 13:27:42 +0300

a kolozsvari Protokoll Studio bemutatja

Der Dritte Mann und…/ 104 vs.106

megnyito: 2002 junius 24-en, 20 orakor

a kiallitas megtekintheto junius 25-ig

cim: torokvagas u. 4, 
kolozsvar, ro

“We used the four videos to observe our changing perception of the visual 
material as we continued to move away from the reality of the specific images 
from the original film. We edited the videos in response to witnessing our 
movement and actions becoming increasingly controlled and contrived. Slowly, 
as a result of this process, a fifth video emerged that became a moving 
picture of our shifting impressions of a place and its representation as 
image.” Pop Cosmin & Yane Calowski