[artinfo] [UNXposed] 2nd Di-Da Web international official appeal.

natxo rodriguez nickson@euskalnet.net
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 01:30:19 +0200

2nd Di-Da Web international official appeal.

Di-da web. Small pieces as surprise inserts in the characteristic data flow
on the Internet.

DI-DA web has evolved up to now in three phases
A-	Pieces produced by  Vaquero, Joaqu=EDn G=E1=F1ez, Fundaci=F3n Rodr=EDguez=
, Saioa
Olmo, Manu Arregui and Ib=F3n S=E1enz de Olazagoitia
B-	Pieces by Lucas Kuzma, Scott Paterson and pavu.com were put on show in
collaboration with Rhizome.org.
C-	In the 1st official appeal that was issued, pieces by Rakel Meyers,
Dane, Horacio Polanco & Marco Roso, Vudumedia, Jason Nelson and Irena
Paskali were selected.
D-	Last collaborations by Vasava Artworks and Microbians.com

We are now issuing the 2nd Di-Da Web International official appeal.
In this way Arteleku.net hopes to try and get creative artists involved in
the Arteleku web project who will provide lively, specific proposals. These
light-hearted digital proposals appear at random when users type in
arteleku.net on their browsers. After interacting and playing with them or
simply looking at each of them, after a few seconds, you enter the Arteleku
page and you can access the standard contents on this page

This official appeal is open to anyone who wishes to take part by sending
in their proposals:
:: Presentation deadline: 30.06.2002
:: Technique: free and compatible with the most common browsers and plug-ins
:: Size: < 50k
:: Prize: 150 euros per author for the exhibition rights.
:: Address: send to di-da@arteleku.net, with an e-mail address where you
can be contacted
:: Jury: Editorial team of arteleku.net

Kristobaldegi, 14
Loiola 20014 Donostia