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Subject: International Summer Academy, Frankfurt/Main

True Truth about the Nearly Real
4th International Summer Academy - Frankfurt/Main, K=FCnstlerhaus Mousontur=
m 23. - 31. August 2002

Workshops / Lectures / Performances / Specials by:
The Atlas Group (RL / USA) // Damaged Goods (B) // Diedrich Diederichsen (D=
) // Tim Etchells (GB) // Harun Farocki (D) // William Forsythe (D) // Adri=
an Heathfield (GB) // Nikolaus Hirsch (D) Hygiene Heute (CH/D) // Jan Kopp =
(D/F) // Hans-Thies Lehmann (D) // Andr=E9 Lepecki (USA) // Xavier Le Roy (=
F/D) // Gerhard Johann Lischka (CH) // Hans Peter Litscher (CH) // Molly Ne=
sbit (USA) // Hans Ulrich Obrist (D/F) // Walid Raad (RL / USA) // Martha R=
osler (USA) // Rebecca Schneider (USA) // Gerald Siegmund (D) // Meg Stuart=
 (B) // Unfriendly Takeover (D) // Markus Weisbeck (D) //


Further information, program and application form under

The 4th Summer Academy is addressed to each and everybody curious to dig de=
eper into what artistic practices today imply.

Modes of passing on knowledge: Over a frame of eight formations occupying M=
ousonturm, the participants will be invited to create their own maps, withi=
n a scheme of activities ranging from formal lectures, workshops/sessions, =
performances, to any kind of work/communicative events. Each formation will=
 be hosted by an internationally renowned artist/thinker/theoretician who i=
n turn invited his/her own hosting partner.

New representational frames, shifts of cultural, political-, and scientific=
 paradigms question our concepts of identity, reality and ethics.But how an=
d in which respect are our realities cracking? What new decipherings are ne=
eded to understand the world? In which way can these decipherings either be=
 a departure for or the effect of an artistic event?

The 4th Summer Academy will take questions as such into account by focusing=
 on the act of perception itself: On the one hand it will investigate the c=
oncept of fake as a means of questioning traditional notions of biography, =
reliability of perception-, and quality of representation as intersubjectiv=
e denominators. What "is" that screen upon which I look, and how does this =
screen affect my gaze? On the other hand, the notion of perception implies =
the question of perspective and spectatorship. Through which modes have spe=
ctatorial positions been reorganized ?.

A project by: K=FCnstlerhaus Mousonturm and Institute for Theatre-, Film an=
d Media Studies, University of Frankfurt.
In coorporation with: Institute for Applied Theatre Science, University of =
Gie=DFen - Frankfurter Kunstverein - Centre for Performance Research (GB) -=
 Magazine in Residence: Janus (B) - Kunstencentrum Vooruit (B) - Rotterdams=
e Schouwburg (NL) - supported by: European Central Bank and Hessisches Mini=
sterium f=FCr Wissenschaft und Kunst.
The Title "True Truth about the Nearly Real" is a commissioned work by Tim =
Etchells (Forced Entertainment)
Curators: Christine Peters; Florian Malzacher, M=E5rten Sp=E5ngberg