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Dear Friend!

http://www.e-manifesta.org is a portal for debate created by Technologies T=
o The People and Daniel G. And=FAjar in collaboration with the Manifesta 4 =
team, with the aim of channelling the different opinions expressed by audie=
nces and people interested in the critical analysis of the whole event.

Technologies To The People's e-manifesta.org is an on-line infrastructure t=
hat will provide a frame for reflection on several of the issues proposed b=
y artists and curators and is in fact a contribution to the overall Manifes=
ta-4 debate. Providing a first hand experience of Manifesta-4 discussion, c=
ritics and debate. Technologies To The People has always developed, support=
ed and designed platforms for artists base on a strict sense of independenc=
e. The chance to work again into an artistic event like Manifesta-4 is anot=
her example of the important work carried out by the Technologies To The Pe=
ople Foundation in order to showcase aspects of contemporary life. The Tech=
nologies To The People Foundation has, as part of a wider project in suppor=
t of young artists involved in the use of new technologies. The Technologie=
s To The People Foundation devotes great attention to this task, under the =
guidance of experts and artists closely involved in emerging technologies a=
nd the effects of their use and development.

We will like to include you in the discussion and debate on this site. As a=
n artist, curator, critic or organizer you might also have a specific exper=
ience with previous biennials and exhibitions which is to share.

We hope that you will contribute to e-manifesta.org and ask you to:

+ discover the e-manifesta.org website

+ post and comment articles in different languages

+ join the forum, chat etc.

+ propose new topics and weblinks

+ send us photos

You can participate as a user or anonymously. Tell us what you are really t=
hinking about art, biennials, Manifesta 4, documenta11 etc. and start a new=

Please contribute yourself.

If you have further questions please contact us directly at: trespassing@ma=

With best regards

Rachel S. Taylor
Senior Vice President and  Chief Marketing Officer
Technologies To The People

Manifesta 4
Frankensteiner Hof
Gro=DFe Rittergasse 103

Technologies To The People + Daniel G Andujar + Trespassing Space Team

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