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Kiss-Pál Szabolcs kspal@aramszu.net
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 08:02:12 +0100 (MET DST)

Curated by Jim Drobnick (of Display Cult) and Paul Couillard

FIVE HOLES is an ongoing series examining the significance of the body and
the senses. Fado invites artists to submit proposals for reminiSCENT, the
third installment in the series. We seek performance art works, including
those with installational components,  that deal with smell and memory.
Approximately seven proposals will be chosen to create a simultaneous
ensemble of events to be held in the summer of 2003 in Toronto. Our focus
will be on Canadian artists.

The title of this project, reminiSCENT, notes the powerful relationship
between smell and memory. Extensive documentation in literature and science
indicates that no other sense evokes memory as intensely as smell. For
Marcel Proust, the aroma of madeleine conjured up the world of childhood;
for Helen Keller, smell was a "potent wizard" that transported one across
thousands of miles. Fragrances also bear social and cultural meanings,
influencing how history is experienced, remembered and passed on from
generation to generation. reminiSCENT will focus on the diverse
relationships between smell and memory -- whether personal, cultural,
social or historical. How do odours influence the creation of the self and
the narrative of one's life? How can scents symbolize or mark political
moments and historical eras? In what ways are aromas significant to the
transmission of cultural memories and identity? How does the
commodification of smell -- perfumes, artificial scents, etc. -- generate
nostalgia and affect recollection?

Deadline for submissions: August 1, 2002

Please include 1-page proposal, c.v., and documentation of previous work
[slides, video, etc.]. Press material optional. Only submissions with
self-addressed stamped envelope or funds to cover shipping and packaging
will be returned.

Send proposals to:

275B Carlton St.
Toronto, ON
Canada M5A 2L4