[artinfo] (fwd)call to artists / Banner Art Collective

Janos Sugar sj@c3.hu
Sun, 9 Jun 2002 22:59:17 +0100

hi everyone

I have started working for a site (http://www.bannerart.org/) which hosts=
 banners created by different artists in gif, jpeg, flash or shockwave forma=

The concept is for artists to claim a commonly used constuct on the=
 internet, the "banner", as their own, to use the form and space normally=
 used by the commercial domain to propagate ideas and artistic talent and to=
 encourage other sites  to host these works of art.  A complete "call for=
 artists" is included at the bottom of this email.

We would encourage you to contribute works in any of the four formats and=
 look forward to seeing works that push the boundaries of what banners are=
 and can do while still complying to the Internet Advertising Bureau's (http=
://www.iab.net/) guidelines.
		Call to artists

All net artists and web designers are invited to contribute to the Banner=
 Art Collective (http://www.bannerart.org).

The BAC collects and host art and poetry that is created and distributed=
 within the limitations of web advertising (as defined by the Internet=
 Advertising Bureau).=DD Artists can create works to add to the collection,=
 and users can host any work in the collection on their own page by adding a=
 bit of code to their own HTML.

By creating and distributing art within the limitations of web advertising,=
 web artists and writers are forced to practice their art under stringent=
 rules that allow the artist to 1) hone their skills under strict guidelines=
 and 2) pull off something magical by working against and within the=
 limitations of a strict form. Artists can more fully explore the=
 intersections between art and commerce, and (quite literally) the marginal=
 status of art created for distribution on the web. And users are forced=
 into a position of enpowerment; as they discover banner art pieces, they=
 will 1) become aware of the both the pervasion and possibilities of=
 advertising space on the web, 2) experience new art in new contexts, and 3)=
 be granted a sort of patron status, as they can host on their own websites=
 work they find compelling.

Currently, the project has collected works from artists in Italy, Germany,=
 France, Belgium, the UK, and the US.=DD BAC works have been added to sites=
 in Italy, Canada, the UK, and the US.=DD The project has been mentioned at=
 several web publications: Random, TijdNet, Neural, and the Hypertext Kitche=

Please address any concerns or queries to "brandon@bannerart.org".

Brandon Barr
Banner Art Collective

Garrett Lynch  <garrett_44@hotmail.com>