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Subject: Studio XX - Calls for Submissions

Studio XX: Call for Submissions

     1. Maid in Cyberspace Festival 06
         Active Agent / Radicale libre

     2. Studio Residencies
         Thematic Residency: Home

     3. Virtual Garden


1. Maid in Cyberspace Festival 06
    Active Agent / Radicale libre
    Montreal, February 2003

Deadline for submissions: September 20. 2002

     Introduction: In the politico-geographical arena, heavily
     charged with oppressive discourses, how does one raise
     courageous and bold voices, voices which dare and act in the
     drifts of cyberspace? How does one practice resistances, not
     according to parameters imposed by others, but by those
     originating from the ingenuity of individuals and networks,
     based upon a necessary and critical solidarity, and a desire
     to counter domineering dogmas and regimes?

     For the 6th edition of the Maid In Cyberspace Festival, and in
     continuity with its critical investigations on women and their
     appropriation of technologies, Studio XX focuses on subversive
     acts by 'intelligent agents' and cultural hackers who strive
     for original languages in order to redefine the stakes in

     From such acts come questions on notions and protocols of
     access, the numerous strategies that women use to invest
     virtuel spaces to impose their own realities. The
     possibilities evoked in the proposed examinations include
     programming languages, hacking, frontiers, privilege, open
     source, accessibility and transgression.

     There is also question of alternative customs and uses,
     nonetheless valuable and born out of the economic divide which
     widens increasingly; localised strategies which mix into the
     composition of immediate, polymorphic and planetary

     Living flux and new alliances, mobile in the magma of active
     data, behind which we discover these operators, resolutely
     insolent, active agents, radical and free=D6

Artists / Collectives

Artists are invited to submit their proposals on-line at
There are no entry fees for this festival.
Works will be selected by a jury and artists will be notified

Studio XX favours interdisciplinary approaches and welcomes proposals by
collectives comprised of artists working with other professionals.

Independent Curators

Studio XX is seeking proposals for curated new media programs inkeeping
with the festival's theme.
Independent curators are invited to make submissions, accompagnied by a
critical essay (500 words maximum).
Application may be submitted on-line at
All projects will be reviewed by a selection committee.

For further information:
E: festival@studioxx.org

Studio XX will be closed for the summer period between July 15th and
August 18th, 2002.


2. Studio Residencies
    Deadline: Ongoing

     Studio XX is accepting applications for creative,
     self-directed residencies by women artists and collectives
     working with new medias and technologies. The residencies are
     6 weeks in length (maximum) and offer an a unique opportunity
     to explore and create new works. Artists are invited to submit
     a completed application form (available on-line July 25th at
     www.studioxx.org/residence/residency.html ), including a
     project description, letter of intent and technical
     All proposals are reviewed by a selection committee.

Thematic Residency: Home
Deadline: October 15, 2002

     The real relations of women to technology reflect their
     ongoing rapports to public and political spheres. With
     electronic progress and the consequent dominance of economic
     and financial flux, the arena of 'important' work shifts once
     again to the home, a territory still associated with women.
     However, if there have been social, cultural and political
     transformations and a certain disintegration of the frontiers
     between private and public, how have they manifested
     themselves in relation to the domestic context? What impacts
     have these new technologies had in the renegociation of the
     home's association with public spaces and how are women
     adapting to these new socio-spatial conceptions? The social
     dynamics of virtual networks applied to physical conditions
     (and vice versa), as well as sequential modifications of media
     spaces are becoming a platform for new artistic, conceptual
     and communication-based collaborations. What are the emerging
     definitions and practices of networked communities and
     prototypical and future lifestyles?

     In keeping with its annual theme for the year 2002-2003,
     Studio XX is seeking submissions for residencies which explore
     notions of home as related to women's and feminist realities.
     Artists and collectives may apply. It will also be possible
     for applicants to effect a virtual residency, where they will
     be allotted a certain amount of server space and a password in
     order to publish their projects on-line.

     The residency will take place between January 28 and March 9,

For further information on residencies:
E:  programmation@studioxx.org

Studio XX favours interdisciplinary approaches and welcomes proposals by
collectives comprised of artists working with other professionals.


3. Virtual Garden
Deadline: September 5, 2002

Studio XX , in conjunction with Les Journ=E9es de la Culture, is seeking
submissions around the theme of virtual gardens. We are looking for
digital works - splash pages, animations (images, text/poetry), CD-Roms,
sound pieces.

Selections will be presented during the Journ=E9es de la Culture -
September 27, 2002 - and participants and the public will be invited to
view them on-site and on the Web at  www.studioxx.org .

Submissions may be made on-line at www.studioxx.org/garden/garden.html .

For further information:
E:  programmation@studioxx.org
U:  www.studioxx.org/garden/garden.html


Please excuse multiple postings. If you wish to be removed from this
list, please contact:  programmation@studioxx.org . We take all such
requests seriously.

Studio XX is Montreal=EDs foremost women=EDs digital resource centre.
Through a variety of creative activities and initiatives, the Studio
works with women to demystify and facilitate access to digital
technologies, to critically examine their social aspects and to create
and exhibit women=EDs new digital works.

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T: 514.845.7934
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