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- call for artists http://www.the-cyber-kitchen.com Projected Start of
 Exhibition: 23 July 2002 How the project will develop/ guidelines for
Artists are invited to submit proposals for inclusion in the cyber-kitchen
at http://www.the-cyber-kitchen.com by emailing: jessloseby@the-
5 International Meeting of Experimental, Sound and Visual Poetry
> > > RECEIPT OF PROPOSALS : Deadline July 31, 2002 < < <
The meeting will be presented in the Centro Cultural Recoleta,
Junn 1930, in Buenos Aires, from September 26 to October 6, 2002.
The works and proposals can be mailed or delivered in person to:

VORTICE ARGENTINA c/o Fernando Garcia Delgado
Bacacay 3103, Buenos Aires C1406GEE, Argentina
email: mailart@vorticeargentina.com.ar
web: www.vorticeargentina.com.ar
We would like to inform you about a symposium of stone carving on the theme of "Giants" that
is organised in the Nideck Forest  (Alsace) from 19th of May to the 7th of June 2003.
During three weeks every accepted artist will have at his disposal the following:
-	one block of stone (rose sandstone of the Vosges) of 5 cubic meters;
-	the accommodation;
-	the catering;
-	the fee of 4000 ? at the end of the manifestation.
The selection of the artists will be carried out according to the files consisting of:
-	Project description
-	Sketches
You can send in the candidates' files until the 31st of October to:

Apollonia / european art exchanges
12, rue du Faubourg de Pierre
tel.:   + 33 3 88 52 15 12
fax:    + 33 3 88 52 15 44
Deadline: September 1, 2002
Conceptual video, film and animated works under 10 minutes
small + UGLY, Baltimore, MD
Email smallandugly@excite.com
web site: http://concretestream.umbc.edu/smallandugly/
Leaflet for Rave Scholarship Applicants
The Rave Foundation would like to contribute to practical further education in arranging and realizing fine art exhibitions. It therefore awards scholarships to
 museum technicians
 cultural managers
from transformation and developing countries who have arranged a guest period, practical training period or non-paid work at a German museum, a state gallery or in cultural management at a German institution.
The Rave Scholarship is a working scholarship and requires the holder's presence. It includes the following payments
 A monthly lump sum of 1,300 Euro for a scholarship period of three to six months
 Travelling expenses (to and from Germany)
 Married person's supplement if the spouse is present in Germany
 Assistance with health insurance (also for spouses)
 German course

Scholarships will be awarded to applicants
 who come from a transformation or developing country,
 who finished their professional training not less than five years previously and not yet over 40. Those still studying or training at the time of application will not be considered for selection,
 who have found a partner institution in Germany that has agreed to take care of them or agreed to a joint project,
 who can provide a positive statement from their own country (reference).
Knowledge of one of the three languages German, English or French is a requirement.
Applicants who are not accepted can apply only once more.

Selection procedure:
The Rave Foundation committee will assess all applications. Scholarships are awarded twice per year. About 6 scholarships are awarded per year.
There is no legal claim to the award of a scholarship. The decision will be conveyed to the applicant in writing without stating reasons.

Application documents
Applications are submitted without forms to the
Rave Foundation
c/o Institut fr Auslandsbeziehungen
Charlottenplatz 17
D-70173 Stuttgart
Fax +49.711.2225194

The application should be accompanied by
 a CV, including educational qualifications,
 a project sketch about the form of the planned visit to Germany,
 consent from a German institution to care for the applicant during the scholarship period in Germany,
 a letter of reference from the home country.
The last application dates are 31 March and 30 September each year. Selections will be made within two months.
The Rave Foundation is an independent charitable foundation administered by the Institut fr Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa). Ifa is a mediating organization for German foreign cultural policy.
Sundance Fund to Support International Documentary Projects
The Sundance Institute's International Program has announced the creation of
the Sundance Documentary Fund, formerly the Soros Documentary Fund of the
Open Society Institute.

The Sundance Documentary Fund is dedicated to supporting international
documentary films and videos focused on current and significant issues and
movements in contemporary human rights, freedom of expression, social
justice, and civil liberties. In supporting such works, the Sundance
Documentary Fund seeks to give voice to the diverse exchange of ideas
crucial to developing an open society, raise public consciousness about
human rights abuses and restrictions of civil liberties, and engage citizens
in a lively, ongoing debate about these issues.

This highly competitive program only accepts projects dealing with
contemporary issues, and does not accept historical projects, biographies,
or series. Individuals from around the world may apply with documentary film
or video projects that range in length from full broadcast hour to long
format feature. Applicants must have creative and budgetary control over the
proposed documentary. Quality of work samples, strength of proposal,
potential for broad international distribution, and the issue's significance
are elements heavily weighed during the review process.

Two project categories will be considered for funding:
Development Funds: are available for projects in the research or
preproduction phase. Grants in this category range up to $15,000. Grantees
receiving development funds may reapply for additional support upon
completion of at least a rough cut of their documentary.
Work in Progress Funds: are available for projects in production or
postproduction. These submissions are eligible for the maximum grant award
of $50,000, but generally, awards in this category will average $25,000.

For complete program information, see the Sundance Institute Web site
www.sundance.org under programs
I/O is a monthly public video projection program at the Quotidian Gallery in San
Francisco. A different compilation on video, of short pieces of 'time-based media art', will be silently projected and repeated each 4 weeks, on the outside gallery window during closing hours. The gallery is located on the mezzanine (second floor) level of the historic Phelan office building in downtown San Francisco.

I/O has been initiated and is curated by Michael Smit, who is a Dutch artist in San Francisco.

The sidewalk in front of 50 O'Farrell Street is the best place to see I/O; the gallery window is on the opposite side of the street at the second floor level, above a Rite Aid store.

People have been seen to take out some chairs from the back of their cars and make it themselves comfortable while viewing the program...

We are now calling for new submissions for I/O (#3) which will be titled "Skin", referring to the surface on which the video projection is appearing: on the second floor window, on the "skin" of the historic Phelan building. The video projection livens up the already somewhat organic surface of the office building. At night the gallery window is also often the only window lit up. So the theme "Skin" does not necessarily relate to sensual references, but more broadly to the visible physical surface, of living and/or inorganic matter, to the outside layer of living and inorganic forms or 'containers' in the world. However, we encourage artists to understand this in their own ways and interpret it as broadly as they want or can.

The deadline for VHS/NTSC tapes to be received at the Quotidian Gallery (c/o Michael Smit) is the second Thursday of August: Thursday August 8, at 5 pm.

The show will open on 9pm on Thursday August 22, and end on 9am on Thursday September 19.
Announcement Cards will be made and sent out for the opening.

Each work should be no longer than roughly 5 minutes
In general pieces that address or relate more specifically to the nature of this project*, the gallery's location and/or its public conditions, are encouraged.
 *art gallery window; downtown San Francisco; historic office building; the window as screen; inside and outside;  near major shopping and offices; public art; visible from the street for passers-by and hopefully creating also its own audience; projected at night; etc., etc..

Work on VHS tape (NTSC) must be submitted with a completed application form (download it at http://homepage.mac.com/iopublicvideo)
and SAsSE (Self Addressed sufficiently Stamped Envelope). Submissions may be made by mail or in person to:
Quotidian Gallery
c/o Michael Smit
760 Market Street  #252
San Francisco
CA 94102