[artinfo] julius 12. / Goran Dordevic

kmkk fmr@mrf.hu
Tue, 9 Jul 2002 14:37:27 +0100


                          -  reciklalt figyelem / attention recycling   -

idopont/date:         	2002. julius 12., pentek, 19h =20

helyszin/venue:         Fiatal Kepzomuveszek Studioja       =20
                                 Budapest, VIII.  Rottenbiller u. 35.    =20


                Ez alkalommal / This Friday we present the lecture of

              		           GORAN DORDEVIC (Belgrad/New York)

		          tart eloadast / title: =20



"In the 80=92s several projects based on the idea of reconstruction of works=
 of art from the avant-garde tradition took place. Projects such as The Last=
 Futurist Exhibition by Kasimir Malevich (Belgrade), The International=
 Exhibition of Modern Art (Armory Show) and the lecture Walter Benjamin:=
 Mondrian 1963--1996 were displayed and enacted by the Gallery Skuc in=
 Ljubljana in 1986. The author (authors?) of these projects has presented=
 himself/herself merely through exhibition titles, and often by signing=
 his/her work with the names of famous and deceased painters and=
 philosophers, or by using pseudonyms. We can say that this research in=
 contemporary art is parallel to trends and concepts on a world scale. In=
 the 90's this same anonymous author (or authors?) opened in a ground-floor=
 apartment in New York's Soho, the exhibition Salon de Fleurus. Salon de=
 Fleurus is a staged repeat presentation of one of the most significant=
 collections of modern art from the turn of this century, which was created=
 by the American author and literary critic Gertrude Stein (1874--1946), a=
 Jew of German descent, with the help of her brother Leo Stein, in their=
 Paris apartment at 27, rue de Fleurus.
Art Collection Salon de Fleurus. Salon de Fleurus opened to the public eight=
 years ago in a small backyard apartment at 41 Spring Street in New York.=
 The subject of this long-term project, whose authors remain anonymous, is=
 the collection of modern art assembled by Leo and Gertrude Stein in Paris,=
 in their apartment at rue de Fleurus, in the beginning of the 20th century.=
 Artifacts exhibited in this collection have been an integral part of the=
 Salon de Fleurus for many years. In Ljubljana, and subsequently in Celje=
 and Maribor, these artifacts can be seen for the first time outside of=
 their "natural" context. Meanwhile, in New York, Salon de Fleurus continues=
 to exist with another set of works, but whose subject remains the same."=
 (Marina Grzinic)
Goran Dordevic is the dorman of Salon de Fleurus.

Szervezok / Organizers: El-Hassan Roza, Hegyi Dora, Sugar Janos, Suvecz=
 Emese =20