[artinfo] SUMMER CAMP CARBONART'2002_"Passage Zone"

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"Passage Zone"

On the period of August 3-12, 2002 Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau KSAK,
in collaboration with Art East Alliance, Chisinau ArtEastA is planning to organize the
7-th edition of the Camp of Creation CarbonArt'2002.

Location: The Carbonart project will take place near the Tipova village (100 km north of Chisinau),
Rep of Moldova, on a site adjacent to the monastery

Curator: Igor Scerbina 

Project Topic:
Anomalous zone. "Non-civilized space." Stalking.
Ancient legends and contemporary art.

Project concept:
Interpenetration of spatial-temporal structures in an anomalous zone from the perspective of contemporary art.
Mutual influence between artists and "space-environment."

Carbonart participants will develop projects according to a specified topic and concept.
During Carbonart each participant will carry out his/her own project based on materials and
methods established beforehand. Participants may use only materials found on location or prepared
beforehand, but which will have to be produced by simple "traditional" technologies.
This can be wood, stone, clay, natural dyes. It is possible to use earth, air, water and fire.
It is completely forbidden to use polymers and any other artificial materials. It is possible to use metal,
glass and other "technological" materials should there be an artistic necessity for them, but
this will have to be discussed beforehand.
During the project only former and abandoned monk cells will be used for living.
A specific atmosphere should be maintained for a general "creative" mood; the internal
atmosphere of the Tipova zone and its relative remoteness from "civilization" are quite
congenial to this purpose.
The adepts of contemporary art will be placed in an emphatically non-urban, almost
uncivilized milieu, in an anomalous zone filled with a primitive, mystic atmosphere.
The absence of electricity, amenities such as central water supply and sewerage -
these are appropriate conditions for the entire action. The complete and "honest"
immersion into the Tipova space will grant the possibility to feel the specific
atmosphere of this zone, to establish a link between artists and the Tipova zone,
with its mystic characters, which will give the possibility to establish contact with
a "different space," to generate new ideas or transform already existing ideas so as
to channel them into the topic and concept of the project.

For more information about Tipova site, please, take a look at:
For more detailed info about project, please, take a look at (info is going to appear in few days): 

The Center is going to provide the participants with accommodations,
meal and materials (except traveling expenses).

We would like to ask you to distribute this information to your colleagues,
friends and artists who might be interested in taking part in it.
We would be glad to receive names, brief artistic biography of the artists who want 
to participate in the project as well a brief idea/project concerning the work which is 
going to be done here.
All information should be sent by fax or e-mail to the Center for Contemporary Art, 
Chisinau, as soon as possible, but not later than by July 15, 2002.

For additional information, please, don't hesitate to contact us.

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All the best,
Lilia Dragneva