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The Information Program of the Open Society Institute announces
Grants for Open Access Journals
Application Deadline: September 9, 2002
To support open access to international research and scholarship, OSI will
provide $100,000 in funding to support the publication in open access peer-
reviewed online journals of articles by authors residing and working in
countries where the Soros foundations network is active.
Journals that have adopted an open access up-front payment business model
will be eligible for funding (please see
for more information about open access funding models).

For more information please visit: http://www.soros.org/openaccess/grants-


Performance Research
'Bodiescapes' -  Call for Contributions
Deadlines are as follows:
Proposals: July 29th 2002
Draft manuscripts: September 27th, 2002
Finalized material: November 15th, 2002
Publication Date: June 2003.
'Bodiescapes' investigates the body of the performer and of the spectator  in, around and at performance. The issue will highlight three central aspects of the body  in performance:
Linden Elmhirst - Administrative Assistant
Performance Research
Dartington College of Arts
Totnes, Devon TQ9 7RD UK
tel. 0044 1803 862095
fax. 0044 1803 866053
email: <performance-research@dartington.ac.uk>
web: http://www.performance-research.net

Deadline: August 25 2002
Net art
Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum 

Invitation to artists for net based art work and projects 

Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum 


Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum (ISCAM), is looking for exceptional artists and their projects in order to include them in it's virtual gallery. 

Artists are invited to submit the URL(s) of their projects, and net based art work. 

A selection of the best submissions will be included in these series. There are no limitations concerning the used media, subjects and size. 

Send your submission, i.e the URL (s) completed with your name, email address, CV and one screen shot (.jpg or .gif) of the project(s) to istanbulmuseum@hotmail.com 

Attention to Ms.Hayal Pozanti 

ISCAM was founded by Mehmet Sinan in 1998.