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  Subject: CL announcement - Video/Performance Workshop

Attached, please find the project. Please, distribute the information
among artists who might be interested. They should request an
application form be e-mail from: pollitalu@yahoo.com

Deadline for the submission of application forms is April 1, 2002.
Final list of participants will be distributed in June.


General Information

Project name:	Video/Performance Workshop 2002

Dates:	Aug. 26 - Sept. 16, 2002

Synopsis:	The three-week long workshop is designed for 10 young performers=
(dancers, actors, performance artists and/or musicians) from Eastern and=20
Central Europe as well as Central Asia who are interested in incorporating=
video in their live performances.  In an intensive working period=20
director/performer Kyle deCamp will teach a daily physical warm up followed=
by a performance workshop, exploring ways of developing original material=20
for the stage, drawing from movement, spoken text and/or music.  Video=20
artists Tomiyo Sasaki and Ernest Gusella will teach the basics of video,=20
from camera work to post-production.  By the end of the workshop the=20
participants are asked to create individual performance pieces that=20
integrate live performance and video elements. These multi-media works will=
receive their premiere performance for local audiences at Polli Talu Arts=20

Location:	Polli Talu Arts Center
Rame kula
90103 Vatla
Tel/fax 37 - 247 - 75 363
E-mail: pollitalu@yahoo.com

Organizer:	Marika Blossfeldt
Artistic Director
Polli Talu Arts Center

Hosting Foundation:	Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia
Anu Kivilo, cultural coordinator
Vabaduse valjak 6
10146 Tallinn
Tel  37 - 26 44 6859
Fax 37 - 26 44 3542
E-mail: anu@skkke.ee

Project Description

In this workshop three talented American artists come together as a=20
teaching team to provide 10 young performers from Eastern and Central=20
Europe, as well as Central Asia, with the tools to create original=20
performance works incorporating video.  Over a period of three weeks the=20
participants will study and experiment, explore and develop unique personal=
material for the stage and the screen.  Towards the end of the workshop the=
task will be to find ways to integrate both media to create a cohesive=20
multi-media performance piece.  The workshop will give the young artists a=
well-rounded learning experience culminating in the public presentation of=
their work.

Kyle deCamp is an accomplished actress, dancer and creator of original=20
cross-genre performance works. She is a compelling performer who has=20
collaborated with New York's avant-garde choreographers, theatre directors=
and composers.  Tours of her own productions have taken her across North=20
America and Europe.  She has taught at numerous colleges and universities=20
in the USA.  Kyle deCamp will teach a daily physical warm up and=20
performance workshop. Her artistic and teaching background provides her=20
with the skill to address a mixed group of performers from a variety of=20
disciplines and engage them in a challenging yet manageable dialogue,=20
bridging the borders of art forms.  She is equipped to work with dancers,=20
actors, performance artists and musicians who are open to trying new=20
approaches to performance.  She brings the physicality of a dancer, the=20
emotional range of an actress and the musicality of a musician to the=20
workshop.  She has worked herself with video as an integral part of her=20
performance works and will be able to assist the young performers in=20
finding ways to incorporate this media into their creations.

Video artists Tomiyo Sasaki and Ernest Gusella are partners in life and=20
art.  As world travelers and internationally acclaimed video artists, each=
in their own right, their work is in the permanent collections of The=20
Museum of Modern Art, New York; Pompidou Center, Paris, France; Stadtische=
Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich and Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin,=20
Germany; The Spiral Gallery, Tokyo, Japan and Center for Contemporary Art,=
Montreal, Canada, to name a few.  Their fellowships and travel grants have=
taken them India, Japan, Canada, Switzerland and The Netherlands.  Teaching=
credits include universities on many continents.  While Tomiyo Sasaki is=20
interested in the "visual feel" or "visual memory" of a people and culture=
that she is trying to "paint" utilizing the inherent qualities of the video=
medium, Ernest Gusella infuses stream-of-consciousness techniques,=20
performance, dance and references to historical "signs and signifiers"=20
within an electronic and digital syntax.  If Tomiyo Sasaki's videos have a=
meditative, serene quality about them, an acute awareness of time=20
unfolding, Ernest Gusella, also a performer, manages to be simultaneously=20
hilarious and scholarly, irreverent and sublime, sophisticated and primal.=
Tomiyo Sasaki sees her mission as a teacher to assist students in finding=20
their visual voice within. Her role is to provoke inquiry of all kinds and=
into all matters - whether these inquiries lean toward the visual,=20
intuitive, philosophical, historic or technical.  Ernest Gusella gives=20
equal enthusiasm to art as the teaching of art. Trained as a painter, his=20
skills extend beyond that medium to poetry, music, and literature.  In=20
addition he is a capable technician, computer expert in video, graphics and=
music.  Both video artists have collaborated with choreographers and=20
dancers on multi-media performance works.

The American artists will be available not only in their capacity as=20
individual teachers in their respective specialties, but also work together=
as a team to oversee and help with the assembly of each participant's work.=
Each work will be watched as it develops and feedback will be offered from=
both teachers and colleagues, in a non-competitive atmosphere.

Countries invited to participate:
All countries of Eastern and Central Europe as well as Central Asia are=20
invited to participate.

=B7	Information on the Video/Performance Workshop 2002 is kindly asked to be=
distributed by the cultural coordinators of all Open Society Institutes and=
Foundations of Eastern and Central Europe as well as Central Asia in=20
February 2001.
=B7	Potential participants will be required to e-mail a CV and an essay=
with the completed application form to pollitalu@yahoo.com.
=B7	Participants will be selected by the American artists conducting the=20
workshop and Marika Blossfeldt, artistic director of Polli Talu Arts Center=
in New York.
=B7	Participants are expected to be able to communicate freely in English,=
at least 18 years of age and have a minimum of 3 years stage experience. No=
previous video work is required.

Travel arrangements:

=B7	All participants will be met at Tallinn airport or train station and=20
driven to Polli Talu Arts Center on Aug. 26, 2001.  At the end of the=20
workshop, on Sept. 16, 2000 all participants will be driven back to Tallinn=
airport or train station.  Should possible participants from the Baltic=20
States travel by bus, pick up and drop off will be at Parnu bus station.
=B7	For participants needing a visa, invitations will be sent in due time by=
the organizer.


All artists will be housed in the Store House of the old farm complex,=20
which has been renovated to become the Guest Quarters.  There are four=20
chambers with 1, 2, 4 and 5 beds respectively.  Toilet facilities and=20
shower are located in the Main Building, along with kitchen, dining room,=20
office and staff bed rooms.  Three meals per day, mostly vegetarian, will=20
be provided, prepared from garden treats and local produce.

Additional Support Materials:=09

=B7	CVs and thoughts on teaching by Kyle deCamp, Tomiyo Sasaki and Ernest=20
=B7	Call for performers and application form

e-mail completed application form, CV and essay to:
Deadline for receipt of all application materials is April 1, 2002.

Participants will be selected by the teachers conducting the workshop and=20
Marika Blossfeldt, Artistic Director of Polli Talu Arts Center in New York.
Participants will be notified in June 2002
Direct any further questions to Marika Blossfeldt: pollitalu@yahoo.com