[artinfo] call for participation: broadcast silvester !

f, ft@gewi.kfunigraz.ac.at
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 12:17:09 +0100

- call for participation - from Bkademy or Else


New Year broadcast [ from 30.12.02(0.00am)-01.01.03(4pm)]
we will do an other round 40h-broadcasting-marathon
@ Free Radio Kassel (FRK).

Eveyone is very welcome !

Between (re)mix, minimal sounds, informations, just music!,
jams and order&chaos U get some drinx&morsels.

available infrastructure:
three studios each with 2cd/2md/2cass/1dat/some dr/
video/radios etc.;=20
audiomaterial for mixing exists but you should better bring along
(mud&mire of media); PCs online.

for people who won't come along::

If you want to listen or to take part to streaming broadcast from
home: you can be called by telephon or call us or take part with the
online-mixer from Oli Thuns (for more information check=20
http://radiostudio.org/streaps). the adress of the streamed maraton
currently exist; please wait for further mails or cantact the mail adress

send us your tapes:
If you want to send us some tapes etc.
# no_control (on both sides), everthing will be broadcasted !
send to:
=46reies Radio Kassel e.V.
in der Kulturfabrik Salzmann
Sandersh=E4userstr. 34
34123 Kassel
Tel:  0049 - 561- 57 80 63
=46ax: 0049 - 561- 57 12 22


Next Wedn (17.12.) @ auditorium of kunsthochschule kassel
you can listen to a previous production of mixed media:
full sound-volume in for line ;).

''''''''''''''''''''''''' ++++++++++++''''''''''''''''''''''''''

pix of the last marathon (Sylvester 01/02) under:

mail to : bkademie@auto-cue.org