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Subject: Call for Contributors: 'fight' and other M/C issues in 2003

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 11 December 2002

                          M/C - Media and Culture
             is calling for contributors to the 2003 issues of

                                M/C Journal

The award-winning M/C Journal is looking for new contributors. M/C is a
crossover journal between the popular and the academic, and a blind- and
peer-reviewed journal.

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Below, you'll find the issue topics we're planning for 2003, along with the
article submission and issue release deadlines, and a call for contributors
for the first issue of the year, 'fight'. Please check the M/C Journal site
for further calls and topic descriptions coming soon.

Please spread this call far and wide, and remember to archive it for future

                         Call for Papers: 'fight'

Countless histories, films, novels, and song lyrics are built around the
all-powerful narrative device of the fight - very often the "timeless"
fight between good and evil. How is such conflict depicted in the media -
in fantasy (The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Buffy, Xena, Star Wars),
martial arts cinema (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) or in war films (Black
Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan)? Just as this metaphor is used to urge us
forward in the fight against terror, is the epic battle between good and
evil beginning to dominate our screens (again)? And do our movie heroes
still fight for love?

And how do contemporary crusaders from the left or right of politics go
about fighting the good fight when the binary opposition between good and
evil seems to melt away under scrutiny, and when it is becoming so
difficult to determine just who the adversary is? Is it possible any longer
to fight with honour and conviction? What about the fight against global
poverty? Against AIDS? Against crime, drugs, and moral decay? The fight for
women's rights or an end to racial discrimination? Or even the fight for
family values?

And the fight has always been a form of entertainment - "going to the
fight", over-the-top wrestling, big-ticket boxing events, martial arts as
suburban family pastime, not to mention the mediated glory that was Ali,
and the darker mixed messages of Fight Club. Other forms of sporting
entertainment are organized by fight metaphors too - the football field is
always a battlefield. Meanwhile, talkshow guests publicly fight with the
ones they love, or relate the tales of fights they have won and lost with
themselves: their battles with the bulge, with drugs, or with sex addiction
- - their inner fight between good and evil.

Deadline for Submissions: 20 January 2003
Length: 1500-2000 words & 2000-3000 if you want your work to be considered
for the feature article (Rich Text Format Preferred)
Issue Release Date: 26 February 2003

Issue Editors: Jean Burgess, Joy McEntee, and Emma Nelms
Email: fight@journal.media-culture.org.au

We look forward to hearing from you.

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                     2003 M/C Journal Issue Deadlines

'share'      editors: Axel Bruns & Alex Burns
             article deadline: 3 March 2003
             release date: 23 April 2003

'logo'       editor: John Pace
             article deadline: 28 April 2003
             release date: 18 June 2003

'fibre' - a collaboration with :: fibreculture ::
             editor: fibreculture group
             article deadline: 23 June 2003
             release date: 13 August 2003

open - suggestions: 'beast', 'trick', 'oral', 'medium', 'veil', 'skin'
Would you like to edit this issue? Contact us at: mc@media-culture.org.au
             article deadline: 18 August 2003
             release date: 8 October 2003

'text'       editor: Catriona Mills
             article deadline: 13 October 2003
             release date: 3 December 2003

Please note that the topic for issue five is still open for discussion:
contact us if you'd like to suggest an issue topic! We're also interested
in co-editors for a number of the other issues.

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