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Subject: Call for proposals -  net art commissions

Call for proposals -  net art commissions

Starting in 2002, Impakt is opening up its own Webgallery: Impakt Online.
Three times a year Impakt is asking media artists from around the world to
submit a project proposal for one of the selected themes. Two projects will
be selected for each theme.

The projects that will be selected must use the Internet=92s special
characteristics i.e. projects which exist thanks to the interactive,
non-hierarchical complexity of the Internet environment, and only really
come into their own in this online space.

The first theme is titled "The Art of Narrative".
The multiform narrative is not a new phenomenon. However the computer made
it possible to combine text, image and sound in one screen, thereby creatin=
multiple stories at the same time. The open structure of the internet
encouraged the active involvement of the reader even more. At first the
storyteller invited the reader to make certain choices, but soon the reader
was also asked to contribute in the story.

The Art of Narrative changed from a pre-mapped storyboard to a loose
connection of user contributions that move the storyline in different
directions. Suspense arises from both observing and participating in these
stories. This process, in which the author merely acts as a host offering a
space for dramatic action, could lead to a redefinition of narrativity and

Impakt hopes to support this process by giving artists a chance to use the
Impakt Online section as a space to explore the effects of text, image and
sound on multiple narration.

Terms and Conditions:
Acceptance of proposals: January 14 till 24, 2003
Final Selection: February 14, 2003
Launch: March, 2003

Proposals must to be written in English. They should include a project
description: description of content and technical implementation, including=
time line and the relation to the theme; artist[s] biography, with a short =
and documentation on your previous projects.

Impakt will provide webhosting for the project for 1 year, and pay a fee to=
accepted artist[s] of Euro 1000.

Address for submissions:


Impakt Online
Postbus 735
3500 AS  Utrecht
The Netherlands

If you use a courier service you must have your parcel delivered to
our office address:
Impakt Festival, Damstraat 19, 3531 BP Utrecht, The Netherlands

Tel.: + 31 30 2944493
2nd phone: + 31 30  2963408
Fax.: + 31 30 2944163

e-mail: online@impakt.nl