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Artists and Arts Managers

ArtsLink International Residencies

The International Program at the NEA is calling attention to ArtsLink, a public-private partnership of CEC International Partners in New York. ArtsLink Projects provide opportunities for American artists and arts organizations to work with their colleagues in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2003, visual arts awards will be made (in 2004, applications will be accepted from the performing arts fields). Artists, curators, and non-profit arts organizations working in visual, design, or media arts are encouraged to apply.

Application Date: 12/15/2003

For more information about ArtsLink, or to download an application, please visit CEC International's Web site: http://www.cecip.org (click on site map to access programs)


Short Film and Video Festival

Arizona State University Art Museum

(Tempe AZ)

7th Annual Arizona State University Art Museum Short Film and Video Festival


If you're working in shorts or know someone who is, here is your chance to show us your stuff. (We hope you realize at this point we are talking about film and videos. Please no photos in cut-off jeans).

Yes, it's the ASU Art Museum's seventh year of presenting our outdoor festival and we need your entries into our jury process.

All that is required is a VHS copy of the work, a two or three sentence write-up about the piece and your contact info. No messy application or no entry fee is required. The deadline for entering work into the festival is FEBRUARY 14, 2003.

Complete details on entering your work and a history of the festival can be found on the ASU Art Museum website at the following address

The festival date for 2003 has been set for the evening of April 19 at 800pm. Once again, it is FREE for the public to attend, but you're required to bring your own chair.

We look forward to viewing your work!!!

Application Date: 2/14/2003



Technology and Society - 18 Doctoral Fellowships: Call for Applications

APPLICATIONS DUE: 8th January 2003

FELLOWSHIPS START: 16th April 2003

University of Technology

Darmstadt, Germany

The interdisciplinary post-graduate college / graduate school 'Technology and Society' at the University of Technology Darmstadt, Germany, announces 18 doctoral fellowships, starting April 16, 2003 and running for a maximum of 3 years.

The program is organized by teachers from the subjects of history, sociology, philosophy, literature and language, pedagogy, and civil/construction engineering. It has the following thematic foci: Technology and Human Self-concept

Technologies in/of Art and Literature


Technology and Urbanity/Modern Life and New Spatial Structures

The Increasing Use of Technology in Work and Organization/Subjective and Sociostructural Dimensions

Please observe that it is expected that applicants are willing to learn to read and understand spoken German. It is taken for granted that fellows take up their residence in Darmstadt or the vicinity.

Further information:

EMAIL: gradkoll@ifs.tu-darmstadt.de

ONLINE: http://www.ifs.tu-darmstadt.de/gradkoll/index.html


MAXIS 2003: Call For Proposals

PROPOSALS DUE: 10th January 2003

FESTIVAL DATES: 10-13th April 2003

VENUE: University of Leeds, West Yorkshire

United Kingdom

The 2nd International Festival/Symposium of Sound and Experimental Music will be held from 10-13 April at the University of Leeds, West Yorkshire. They are seeking proposals concerning the theme 'Alternative, Aesthetic and Technologic Issues Pertinent to Sound'. Relevant topics include: electroacoustics, phonic inventions and redundant technology.

For more information, contact:

EMAIL: info@maxis.org.uk

ONLINE: http://www.maxis.org.uk


Crossover Australia: a national hothouse for innovation; film and new media makers; creation and interaction: Call for Applications

APPLICATIONS DUE: 24th January 2003

DATES: 10th-14th March

VENUE: Encounter Bay

South Australia

Presented by the SAFC and AFC in partnership with New York based Web Lab, Crossover Australia is a creative think tank that brings together national and international practitioners from film and new media sectors, with the aim of developing innovative digital and interactive projects. Crossover Australia will take place 10 - 14 March, 2003 at Encounter Bay on the coast 100km south of Adelaide, South Australia.

Crossover Australia is a part of the SAFC's strategy to develop compelling digital and interactive projects that combine the story telling skills of independent filmmaking with new kinds of interactivity made possible by emerging technology.

Applications close 24 January, 2003. Places are limited. Selection by application. No fees apply for successful applicants. Full details, guidelines and application forms are available from:

INFO: Heather Croall, Senior Project Officer, SAFC

EMAIL: crossover@safilm.com.au

PH: 08 8346 9348

ONLINE: http://www.safilm.com.au


Fellowship Program 2003/2004: Call for Applications

APPLICATIONS DUE: 31st January 2003

FELLOWSHIP DATES: 1st October 2003 - 30th June 2004

The Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society

Graz, Austria

The Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society (IAS-STS), Graz, Austria is offering five grants (EUR 1,000.- per month) for fellowships at the IAS-STS in Graz starting 1 October 2003, ending 30 June 2004.

The IAS-STS promotes the interdisciplinary investigation of the links and interactions between science, technology and society as well as research on the development and implementation of socially and environmentally sound technologies.

The IAS-STS provides the necessary research infrastructure, while a number of guest lecturers and workshops foster an atmosphere of creativity and scholarly discussion. The grants of the fellowship program 2003/2004 are dedicated to projects investigating History of Technology and Environmental History or Gender/Technology/Environment

Please note that it is also possible to apply for a fellowship without a grant or to apply for a short-term fellowship (Visiting Fellows).

For application forms and further information, please visit:

INFO: Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society (IAS-STS), Attn. Guenter Getzinger

ONLINE: http://www.sts.tu-graz.ac.at

EMAIL: info@sts.tu-graz.ac.at


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

European Cultural Foundation

Programmes and Grants

ECF is an independent non-profit organisation that promotes cultural co-operation in Europe. It aims to contribute to an open and democratic Europe which respects human and cultural diversity and it also seeks to embed culture in the European agenda.

Three priorities shape our grants and programme activities. Please read more about the priority relevant to your field of interest before proceeding:

Encouraging intercultural dialogue means Europe's many and diverse cultures interacting with one another. It is about making a space for people from different cultural communities to encounter one another, create and innovate.

Stimulating participation through the arts means involving people in making art, and so encouraging them to feel confident, included and active in society. It is about personal transformation and social change.

Strengthening the cultural sector means developing responsive policy frameworks so that cultural activity and cooperation can flourish. It means invigorating the participative approach to cultural policy development.

We also now have a grants line for innovative pan-European activities.

Individuals can apply for grants under our Mobility Scheme, in Enlargement of Minds.

Check the deadlines on the web site!


Applying for Action and Information Grants - Practical Guidelines


Who can apply as lead organisations?

Independent cultural organisations (NGOs) from western, central, eastern and south eastern Europe, including Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Russia.

Who can apply as partner organisations?

Independent organisations from the South Mediterranean (including Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, and Syria) will be supported as partners in projects submitted by a European NGO.

How many different countries should be represented in each project?

There is no specific requirement regarding the number of countries that should be represented. Regional and cross-border projects are welcome. However, the ECF will not award grants to local/bilateral projects that could be supported through national or regional funds.


Student, state and commercial organisations are not eligible for support.


How to apply in five steps

1) Read about our thematic priorities

2) Choose which grant you are applying for

3) Download the WORD file

4) Fill in the form

5) Enter your contact details online and attach your WORD document.

A reply will be sent back to you when we have received your application.

How to submit additional documents

By email to eclaassen@eurocult.org, or where necessary by post to the funding unit.


All applications must be made using the online form. Those sent as hard copy by mail or in any other formats will not be considered. Applications will not be accepted after the deadlines listed below.



ECF assessors are looking for projects that complement or build on our thematic priorities and programmes. Please ensure you read about programmes and grants before you fill in the application form.

Other key features include:

Professional standards

Strong partnerships

European relevance




Concrete results


We do not support school and university exchanges or art therapy. Festivals will only be supported in exceptional circumstances where content fits closely with the ECF’s priority themes. International projects will only be considered if there is a strong European component. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


ECF's grants budget is modest but our aim is to support a wide range of projects, from small-scale grassroots initiatives to higher profile projects with a wide-reaching impact in Europe. Grants awarded by ECF would not usually exceed Euro 40 000 and priority is given to projects that have a balanced range of sources of income, including other partners for funding.

Costs supported by project grants include: international, national and local travel (cheapest economy fare tickets available), visa, meetings, living costs (accommodation and meals for participants), fees for artists, experts, translators or interpreters, professional materials and rental of space and equipment needed for the project. Living costs or “per diems” should be calculated with close consideration of regional economic standards. Other costs can only be included with special prior agreement.


Institutional costs for running the organisation (rent of the organisation’s premises, permanent staff costs, electricity, etc) are not accepted.

ECF cannot fund the total budget of any project.


Application deadlines

15 January (for projects starting as of April)

15 March (for projects starting as of July)

15 September (for projects starting as of December)

Assessment Meetings

Deadline - Assessment date

15 January - mid March

15 March - mid June

15 September - end November

The Funding Unit will contact you within ten days of the assessment meeting to inform you of the final decision on your application. If your proposal is selected for a grant, you will receive a contract within three weeks of the assessment decisions. The ECF will pay up to 70% of the grant once you have signed the contract.

The balance of the grant will be paid after the project is completed and on receipt and approval by the ECF of a final financial and descriptive report, with agreed evidence or documentation of project outcomes.


First, read all outlines of programmes and grants on this website. Then, if you have further questions, please contact the funding unit by email.

Grants Officer: Vanessa Reed.

Grants Administrator: Esther Claassen.

The funding unit may put you in contact with programme officers if your project relates closely to their work.

Rok prijave: 15 January (for projects starting as of April), 15 March (for projects starting as of July), 15 September (for projects starting as of December)



European Cultural Foundation

Vanessa Reed

Jan van Goyenkade 5

1075 HN Amsterdam

The Netherlands

tel: +31.20 676 02 22

fax: +31.20 675 22 31




Call for proposals -  net art commissions

Starting in 2002, Impakt is opening up its own Webgallery: Impakt Online. Three

times a year Impakt is asking media artists from around the world to submit a

project proposal for one of the selected themes. Two projects will be selected

for each theme.

The projects that will be selected must use the Internet‚s special

characteristics i.e. projects which exist thanks to the interactive, non-

hierarchical complexity of the Internet environment, and only really come into

their own in this online space.

The first theme is titled ŒThe Art of Narrative‚. The multiform narrative is

not a new phenomenon. However the computer made it possible to combine text,

image and sound in one screen, thereby creating multiple stories at the same

time. The open structure of the internet encouraged the active involvement of

the reader even more. At first the storyteller invited the reader to make

certain choices, but soon the reader was also asked to contribute in the story.

The Art of Narrative changed from a pre-mapped storyboard to a loose connection

of user contributions that move the storyline in different directions. Suspense

arises from both observing and participating in these stories. This process, in

which the author merely acts as a host offering a space for dramatic action,

could lead to a redefinition of narrativity and story.

Impakt hopes to support this process by giving artists a chance to use the

Impakt Online section as a space to explore the effects of text, image and

sound on multiple narration.

Terms and Conditions:

Acceptance of proposals: January 14 till 24, 2003

Final Selection: February 14, 2003

Launch: March, 2003

Proposals must to be written in English. They should include a project

description: description of content and technical implementation, including a

time line and the relation to the theme; artist[s] biography, with a short CV

and documentation on your previous projects.

Impakt will provide webhosting for the project for 1 year, and pay a fee to the

accepted artist[s] of • 1000.

Address for submissions:



PO Box 735

3500 AS Utrecht

The Netherlands


NEW ART INTERNATIONAL, 2003-2004 edition, Deadline 12/31/02

ELIGIBILITY: submissions open to all artist working in all mediums.

ENTRY FEE: $25.00 for 4 slides. Additional slides $5.00 each (max.8)

AWARDS entrants are eligible to compete for cash awards for the most

original submissions and are eligible for $1500.00 in cash and prizes.

For detailed information and/or application forms for this competition

call or drop by the art office.

"CONSUMERISM", The Second City Council Art Gallery, Long Beach, CA

JUROR: Rip Cronk

ELIGIBILITY: all media except video and film. Outdoor sculpture


AWARDS: $500.00, $300.00, $200.00

e-mail: cbennet562@earthlink.net


 pikseliÄHKY Call for proposals >> www.pixelache.ac

 pikseliÄHKY 2003

 audiovisual laboratory - Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki 10-13 April 2003


 # audiovisual experiments and creative misuse of technology

 # DIY lo-fi/hi-fi performances and installations

 The second pikseliÄHKY temporary audiovisual lab will be set up

 in Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki. The event will

 feature 4 days of shows, screenings, workshops and panel discussions.

 pikseliÄHKY 2003 concentrates on two themes:

 'VIDEOJUKKA' : We explore the art of VJ'ing, the act of mixing

 and creating video material in a live situation in connection with

 the music. International and local VJ stars will perform and give

 workshops on VJ tools and technologies. Panel discussions and talks

 will analyse the background and future of VJ'ing, as seen from

 the perspective of visual arts, film making and other relevant contexts.

 Audiovisual architecture : Experimental projects combining media

 and architectural design. Interactive art installations, robots

 and sensors, projected environments and living surfaces. pikseliÄHKY

 artists will create projects or prototypes around the city and give

 practical workshops.

 Call for proposals

 We are searching for existing work but also prototypes and ideas

 of new work to be included in the pikseliÄHKY program. DIY lo-fi

 experiments and completely strange stuff is absolutely welcome!

 We are especially looking for people who are also willing to share

 their knowledge in the form of public presentations and/or

 workshops. Send short information about you and your work to

 proposals@pixelache.ac before 31 Dec 2002!!

 A special selection of pikseliÄHKY program will travel to Bratislava

 in February (as a part of New Media Nation event) and to New York

 and Montreal in June. The work featured in pikseliÄHKY 2003 will

 be compiled to a catalogue, due to be released in October 2003.

 pikseliÄHKY program will be announced in January 2003 at pikseliÄHKY

 website www.pixelache.ac. For any questions, please send e-mail to

 info@pixelache.ac (send you e-mail address here if you want to

 receive regular updates on pikseliÄHKY activities).

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