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Sun, 11 Aug 2002 17:46:56 +0100 (MET DST)

August 31, 2002 INTERNATIONAL JURIED EXHIBITION "Manifestations II:
Form & Function", Exhibition Dec. 12 - Feb. 1, A call for mature,
dynamic artists who create FUNCTIONAL & WEARABLE ART. Slide Deadline:
Oct.  24. For prospectus, SASE to: "Manifestations", Denise Bibro Fine
Art, 529 W 20th St Suite A, New York NY 10011
September 30, 2002 Cucalorus Film Festival - Call For Entries, March
19-23, 2003.  Early deadline: Dec 10, 2002. Final deadline: Jan 10,
2003. The 9th annual Cucalorus Film Festival seeks submissions from
independent filmmakers. Cucalorus is a non-competitive showcase of
independent features, shorts and documentaries from around the
world. The festival is held in historic downtown Wilmington, NC, one
of the leading film production cities in the US. Formats: 35mm, 16mm,
various video formats. All entries on VHS(NTSC) must include entry
form and fee, $20 early/$30 late. Please download an entry form from
our website - www.cucalorus.org OR (910)-343-5995. Contact: Cucalorus,
Box 2763, Wilmington NC 28402 OR info@cucalorus.org
January 31, 2003 International Juried Exhibitions at Period Gallery,
Feb 2002-Feb 2003. Award winning works and other selected works from
each exhibition in full printed catalog and also exhibited on our
website for an extended period: "The Best Contemporary Art II Internet
Exhibition", Oct. 2002-2003+, slides due now through Aug 30th.
"Landscape II" and Contemporary IV", Mar 6-27, slides due Feb 15;
"Photographic Processes IV"; "Digital/Experimental II" and
"Photographs of Faces I", Apr 3-24, slides due Mar 8;
"2-3-4-dimensional IV" and "Beautiful II", May 8-29, slides due Apr 8;
"Mixed Media IV" and "Celebration of Life I", June 5-26, slides due
May 8; "Realism IV", July 3-24, slides due June 8; "Abstraction V",
Aug 7-28, slides due July 8; "Drawing III" and "Septemberfest V", Sept
4-25, slides due Aug 8; "Miniature IV" and "Faces IV", Oct 2-23,
slides due Sept 8; "WaterMedia III" and "Winterfest V", Nov 6-27,
slides due Oct 8; "Spiritual Art V", (Judeo-Christian Theme), Dec
4-26, slides due Nov. 8; "Painting III" and "Faces V", Jan 3-24-03,
slides due Dec 8; "All Media V", Feb 7-28 '03, slides due Jan 8 '03;
$30/3 slides, $5 ea. add'l. AWARDS: SOLO EXHIBITION, 3-4 Cash Awards
of Excellence, Merit Awards, Purchase Awards. SASE: Period Gallery,
5174 Leavenworth, Omaha NE 68106; 402-556-3218; download at
www.periodgallery.com/exhibitions. email: shows@periodgallery.com
(please include postal address in your email).
Aug 15, 2002 CINEMARENO A year-round festival of films. Screenings
showcase new independent films & videos. Focusing on new,
undistributed works.  Various formats, preview on VHS. Entry fee. For
more information, please contact: Cinemareno, Box 5372, Reno NV 89513
OR http://www.cinemareno.org OR cinemareno@excite.com
Aug 31, 2002 RESEARCHER IN RESIDENCE Reviewing proposals for program
of grants for researcher in residence. Hope to foster critical
thinking about how technologies affect people and their natural and
cultural environments. Open to historians, curators, critics,
independent researchers, artists and scientists. For more information
contact: Jacques Perron, Daniel Langlois Foundation, 514-987-7717 OR
514-987-7492(FAX) OR http://www.fondation-langlois.org
Sep 13, 2002 SHIKISHI Nov 17, 2002-Jan 12, 2003. Gifts of art for the
New Year. Open to all artists. Shikishi is an ancient Japanese
tradition of images and/or works on traditional paper-laminated
boards, as gifts to mark special occasions (such as the New Year) for
honored friends. Entry fee. 40% commission, insurance. For more
information and prospectus please SASE to: Shikishi, Bedford Gallery,
Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts, 1601 Civic Dr, Walnut Creek
CA 94596
Oct 15, 2002 COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP Apply a theory or set of theories
from your particular discipline/area of study to answer the question of
  why & under what circumstances people are more likely to buy brand
names than generics. 1500-2500 words. Prizes $3000, $1500, $500. Apply
online only at: dblumenthal@instituteforbrandleadership.org